Art & Design Tuesday, October 25th Words by: Lauren Rogers

The Herefordshire artist capturing beauty and brutality of the world around her

Art & Design Tuesday, October 25th

The Herefordshire artist capturing beauty and brutality of the world around her

Herefordshire-based Holly Brookes is a wildlife artist inspired by both light and dark; beauty and brutality. 

Her intricately detailed ink, print and pencil pictures capture an etheral, sometimes otherworldy essence of the real world.

Earlier this year, Holly was the Artist in Residence at the Nature In Art musuem in Gloucestershire and also took part in h.Art (Herefordshire Art Week), exhibiting watercolours at the Old Chapel Gallery in Pembridge.

Holly grew up in Kingsland near Leominster and graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2012.

Hedgehog (graphite pencil drawing) by Holly Brookes.

"I have always been fascinated by the natural world. Having been born and raised in rural Herefordshire, I feel that my individual connection with nature is an integral part of my identity.

As a child I would spend hours exploring the local farms, woodlands and rivers. The landscape and wildlife became personal to me; a familiar yet fascinating kingdom which nurtured so many of my childhood experiences and continues to do so today.

Working across a variety of mediums (drawing, painting and printmaking) I express this appreciation for my natural surroundings in a style which explores my innate affinity with detail and texture.

I am also inspired by the contrasts I perceive within nature: simplicity and complexity; beauty and brutality; light and dark."

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