Art & Design Thursday, November 19th

Behind the Scenes at S&A Produce

The lives of fruit pickers working in the fields of Herefordshire will be filmed and photographed for student projects.

Daniela Dedelyanova with HCA student Ben Winder. More than 600 people attended an exhibition of work by Ben and fellow student Nathon Milisic.

Last year, two photography students from Hereford College of Arts (HCA) were invited to work with the S&A Group, one of the UK’s biggest growers and exporters of soft fruit and asparagus.

Based at Marden in Herefordshire, S&A has farms across the county and employs more than 1,100 seasonal workers every year.

BA (Hons) Photography students Ben Winder and Nathon Milisic worked with the firm and its staff throughout the 2014-15 academic year with Ben, who graduated in June, winning the Lugg Valley Community Engagement Award for his documentary project which followed the community of the seasonal workers, capturing them ‘off-duty’ as well as at work.

Nathon, who is now in the third and final year of his degree course, worked on an editorial portrait project; photographing and interviewing the staff, where they talked candidly about their aspirations and ambitions.

Their project was such a success, it’ll be repeated with future students – with plans for short films, as well as more documentary and photographic assignments.

“It was fantastic to work on,” said Nathon.

“We were given access to all areas and the people we photographed were really cooperative. The team at S&A were so supportive; we held an exhibition at the end of the project at the company, andthey even helped to pay for print costs of the photographs.”


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