Art & Design Monday, August 15th

Hereford photographer Marek Zylinski turns sand, sea and waves into abstract art

Art & Design Monday, August 15th

Hereford photographer Marek Zylinski turns sand, sea and waves into abstract art

Re-visiting the same spot for over a decade reveals beauty and wildness of the natural world. And it's those moments that have been captured by Hereford-based photographer Marek Zylinski, an artist inspired to frame shots that show the sand, sea and sky as abstract shapes and patterns. 

His images - which turn the waves and the shore into sculptural forms on paper - will be on show at Gallery@OMP, in the medieval Old Mayor’s Parlour, Church Street, Hereford, throughout h.Art week (September 10-18), and through to the end of September.

One of three local artists to win a h.Art cash prize offered by Gallery OMP owners, The Church Street Charitable Trust, Marek's work aims to showcase the power and energy of the ever-changing environment. From dawn to sunset, his photos capture different moods created by the light, the ripples of sand, the spray from the sea and the rhythm of the waves.

Marek said: "I seek to make meditative images which reflect my observations and memories of this natural world.

"Many people find being by the sea regenerative and I hope that my photographs will remind viewers of their experiences."

Using technical skill to set up the photograph using camera movement, long-exposures, and careful framing means that the only adjustments made back at his studio are tiny tonal touches. 



The prize money is being used to purchase paper, inks and the framing materials that mean Marek can show his limited edition photographs in public.

Also on display at the 'Abstraction' exhibition will be paintings and ceramic forms by the other two winners of h.Art prizes. They are Rachel Sudworth, from Ross-on-Wye, who paints vibrant interpretations of the world around her, and Verity Howard, who creates, often dark, brooding sculptural slab-form ceramics.

The exhibition is open from September 10 to 30, 10am to 5pm daily and until 9pm on Thursday, September 15.

By Rachel Sudworth.

verity howard.

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The h.Art Prize 2016 was created by the owner’s of Old Mayor’s Parlour, the Church Street Charitable Trust, which supports the arts and artists.

Three artists were chosen from an open entry competition for Herefordshire artists in any discipline. Each winner receives a cash prize together with the use of the Gallery@OMP exhibtion.

Gallery@OMP is one of seven venues on the h.Art City Trail.

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