Art & Design Friday, October 1st

Letty Noonan

Art & Design Friday, October 1st

Letty Noonan



"Letty Noonan combines together a DIY museum aesthetic in her work. Objects are scavenged, salvaged and adopted by the artist. Objects call out for a new life beyond their vital function.

"In the rejection of convention, works reach out by offering a different way of viewing, by enticing and drawing the viewer closer. Using low culture substrate, low-fi imagery and fixing works in to a non-gallery environment, expectations and intentions come under interrogation in a non-place.

"In this space, a lack of comfort, agonism, and a phobia of a cacotopia-future can be revealed."




You May Have Seen Her Work At:

Her 2018 solo show at Hereford Library + Museum, Common Room (2018), Vacuum Arts (2017). 

If You Didn't, It Looks Like:

Letty Noonan Auguries of the Analogue

Letty Noonan

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