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Pottery throwdown: Tony Hall to help launch new gallery

Tony Hall is no stranger to a pottery throw-down. He's created some of the largest pots in the UK during his 35 years on the wheel and exhibited the world over.

He trained at La Borne in France in the early 1970's and now works on the Herefordshire/Welsh border. On Easter Monday, he'll be showcasing work at the opening exhibition of Gallery@OMP in Church Street, Hereford.

When you're an artist surrounded by more than 5,000 trees that you've helped plant in the last 2 years, what better way to bring them into your work than using their chipped cuttings to create an ash-glaze on ceramics handmade just a stones-throw away.

Tony, from Knucklas in Powys, will be showing those stoneware vessels - their shape and design based on the notoriously difficult to create enclosed sphere - at the launch of Hereford's new Gallery@OMP from Monday.

In a nod to tradition, there will be earthenware harvest jugs which were used to carry ale or, perhaps more likely in Herefordshire, cider.

The jugs are layered with slip before having the design carved into the layers, then undergoing a gentler firing. The larger stoneware pieces Tony is known for reached much temps in the wood-fired kiln the artist has built at his Castle Hill Studios. 

Also exhibiting at the Seeds of Change exhibition, inspired by nature, will be Emma Cownie, Ken Eastman, Nicola Jedrzejczak, Vanessa Pomeroy and Rob Parkin.

What's On: Seeds of Change, Gallery@OMP, Hereford

Paper cuts: art from old books will relaunch Hereford gallery

The exhibition will be open to the public from March 29 to April 24. It's the re-launch of a first-floor gallery at the Old Mayor’s Parlour at 23 Church Street.

Gallery owners, the Church Street Charitable Trust, are keen to keep this historic building open as many days of the year as possible for those with an interest in the history of Hereford and the arts. It will be used to support local artisans with prizes for schools and sixth forms for exhibitions in May, followed by three exhibitors for the annual h.Art festival in September. 

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