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Sidney Nolan Trust Gallery set to reopen

A gallery dedicated to the work of artist Sir Sidney Nolan is set to re-open for this year. IMG 9251

The gallery at The Rodd near Presteigne will re-open for 2016 on Sunday May 29.

The Sidney Nolan Trust was established at The Rodd in 1985, fulfilling Sidney Nolan’s long-held plans to create a place in a rural setting for his own paintings and for music; plans that had been inspired by his visits to his friend Benjamin Britten’s foundation at The Maltings in Suffolk.

Sir Sidney purchased Rodd Farm, the land surrounding The Rodd, in order to preserve the setting for his trust and to enable it to care for a precious piece of land for which he had developed a great passion and respect.

As Lady Nolan, stated in June  of 2009: “Monumental landscape gave Sidney a great sense of awe which he endlessly travelled the world to experience.  There is no doubt that when he had his solitary moments, morning and evening, overlooking the Hindwell Valley he felt something of that same sense of wonder.

"The Welsh Black cattle with their deep blackness on green grass were a welcome part of the scene. Sidney wanted to preserve the essential qualities of The Rodd and the farm."

A group of ancient, timber-framed barns now house the Tithe Barn Gallery, Sir Sidney’s studio, a print /etching studio, library and offices. 

IMG 9277

Of Irish origin, Sidney Nolan was born in Melbourne, Australia on April 22 1917. During his lifetime he became recognised as one of the foremost international modern artists.

During the summer of 1983 when Sir Sidney, who died in 1992, settled on the borders of Wales, he expressed the sense of belonging once again to a landscape of great magnitude quoting a line he had written in his youth, “All was static and monumental with the first of the dawn”. 

His widow Lady Mary Nolan died earlier in April this year. 

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