Art & Design Wednesday, July 13th Words by: Lauren Rogers, pictures by: Lauren Rogers

The Glass Orchard: meet the Ledbury artist painting 'stained glass' panels

Art & Design Wednesday, July 13th

The Glass Orchard: meet the Ledbury artist painting 'stained glass' panels

The 15ft tall windows of the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris are considered some the finest stained glass features in the world.

These medieval masterpieces depict the Passion, the Book of Genesis, John the Evangelist and King Louis IX doing kingly things with holy relics. They are seriously impressive; not the kind of awe-inspiring art most of us have knocking around at home.

But that's where Debs Godsall comes in.

From her home studio near Ledbury, Herefordshire artist Debs runs The Glass Orchard, creating bespoke painted glass panels for homes, pubs and gardens.

For a reasonable price, her art can stir the sort of feelings you get starring at the Sainte-Chappelle's upper chapel.

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Her small studio is riot of colour, yet nothing clashes.

Painted glass is propped against the windows - light streaming through at every angle, and pics pinned to the wall showcase dozens of designs, from French street scenes to hills, landscapes and swirling trees.

Born in Herefordshire, Debs was inspired to draw by an art teacher at Lady Hawkins school, and went on to study graphic design at the Hereford College of Arts.

Years (and two daughters) later, she was asked to design a restaurant interior. Instead of painting the walls, she gave them dramatic painted glass partitions and a new career was born. 

"I am incredibly lucky and have a lovely life, using my very colourful imagination to design art which has travelled much further afield than I have," said Debs.

The Glass Orchard will open to the public this year, part of h.Art - Herefordshire Art Week and trail.

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