Dance Friday, November 4th Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: 2Faced Dance

Put The Date In Your Diary: 2Faced Dance's I.D. - Digitopia

Dance Friday, November 4th

Put The Date In Your Diary: 2Faced Dance's I.D. - Digitopia

A talent showcase for those just-finished - and in some cases almost-finished - projects in the world of contemporary dance, 2Faced's I.D. night has a fledgling reputation for welcoming some of the scene's more exciting young choreographers to the Courtyard in Hereford.

Now in its third iteration - and with a fourth males-only night planned for Spring 2017 - this month's showcase focusses on Dance Film.

'Digitopia' will see the screening of a whole variety of short films from a whole variety of choreographers, from Spain, Belgium and - of course - Hereford.

Among their offerings, one ground-breaking piece from Kira Zhigalina - spotlighted by organiser and 2Faced dancer Jazz Gritt - uses a skeletal structure whose composite parts reacts to a sensor belt which tracks the dancers' movement.

Symbiosis 2016 from kira zhigalina on Vimeo.

As with the previous two ID nights, the idea is not only to provide the audience with a slap up good time, and expose them to a range of work - but also to allow those involved to get some feedback on their pieces. And for those who haven't been before, the seating set-up, which runs around three sides of the performance area, also doubles-down on that sense of intimacy with the work and the performers.



Among those exhibiting are Russian-by-way-of-London Kinetica Award winner Ki Ra, and Jo Cork who's evocative and almost uncomfortably tactile trailer for 'Sensate' (^^^) you can check out here

An open Q & A session will follow the show, with several of the artists hanging out for a chat.

Deets are as follows -

Where: Courtyard Centre for the Arts, Edgar Street, Hereford 

When: Monday, November 8

How: Ever you want

TicketsRight here

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