Books, Film & TV Sunday, September 18th Words by: Mark Bowen

Flicks in the Sticks: moving away from the predictable

Books, Film & TV Sunday, September 18th

Flicks in the Sticks: moving away from the predictable

Fed up with being expected to watch mainstream Hollywood blockbusters? Help is at hand in the form of a new initiative from Flicks in the Sticks that moves away from safe choices to offer more adventurous cinema.

'Flicks in the Sticks: WORLD' is a new scheme to give rural audiences in the Marches access to a wider range of recent films that only get a limited UK release.

These include a light adaptation of an early work by Jane Austen (Love and Friendship) by US indie director Whit Stillman, and a tragi-comic farming family feud set in a remote Icelandic valley (Rams). These are the films you might hear about but rarely get the chance to see.


The scheme has been funded through the British Film Institute’s Neighbourhood Cinema Scheme in order to broaden the viewing choices available to rural communities.

Ian Kerry, Flicks in the Sticks director, said: "We know there is an appetite among our audiences for more adventurous film programmes.

"People come to try something new and find they enjoy it. This scheme will enable us to support promoters who are keen to move away from predictable, safe choices and test out something out of the ordinary."

A total of 33 screenings of 11 titles will play at selected Flicks in the Sticks venues in Herefordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Powys and Cheshire from September to December, with a fresh programme for the Spring 2017 season.

As a further bonus some screenings will have guest speakers.

Visit here for full details. 

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