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Movies This Month: August

Books, Film & TV Tuesday, August 21st

Movies This Month: August

It's back....

Our monthly roundup of the best big screen blockbusters, secret screenings and outdoor cinema going on around Herefordshire.


Ant-Man and the Wasp - Hereford Odeon, from Aug 4.

Premiering the first weekend of August, the seemingly ageless Paul Rudd returns to wisecrack his way through this Marvel superhero film – one which seems to exist in a world where Thanos didn’t just seize power and wreck humanity, a scenario that seems increasingly relatable.

The first edition wasn’t supposed to be that good and it really, really was. Expectations are higher this time around, but with 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, Rudd and new partner-in-crime Evangeline Lilly seem to have knocked it out of the park again.

Check the showtimes at the Odeon here.


The Meg – Hereford Odeon, from Aug 10.

Jason Statham vs massive shark.

That's a five-word review pretty much made for an August blockbuster. Expect all the pathos and nuanced thematic exploration you enjoyed in similar high-octane Statham classics such as The Transporter, and The Transporter 2 – but that’s not what you’re going for. You pay your ten pounds and you’re going to get an hour-and-a-bit of white knuckle CGI battles, three or four ‘shark moments’ that make you chuck your popcorn in the air, and, of course, Statham in a wetsuit.

If anything, the knock in the early reviews is that this film is too good to be a total pulp-y funride. Of course the extension of that is that it is not good enough to a be critically *good* film – but it definitely looks to be worth a Friday night, especially if Hereford adds a 3D screening.

Tix and times.




Outdoor screening of The Italian Job, Madley, Aug 11.

Not the Wahlberg one. The legendary, Michael Caine, Blow The Bloody Doors Arwf one.

For one night only, Swinmore Farm turns in to an al fresco cinema with a big screen (in a large barn if it starts tipping down), ice cream, Italian food, and an acoustic set from the Hey Yahs. The only possible reason for not going is that you know you’ll end up whistling the Self-Presentation Society theme for the next two days.

Tickets, and info here.


Screen Unseen, Hereford Odeon, Aug 28.

After a brief hiatus, HL-favourite Screen Unseen is back. If you haven’t been before, the idea is that Odeon hold a special screening of a much-hyped film about a month before it hits the screens, and for only £5 – but you don’t know what the film is until the credits roll, unless you’re able to crack the devilishly-cryptic riddles released by the cinema on Twitter in the lead-up.

Looking at release dates, Lucky, the new Predator and even Tom Hardy’s Venom are all possibilities.

Tickets here (and it will likely sell out).


Incredibles 2 – adult screening, Hereford Courtyard, Aug 25.

Perfect if you’re a single male adult who enjoys Pixar films, but don’t want to finish your cinema visit with a call from the police.

For a while now, it’s been clear Pixar make their films for kids and adults alike. They’re beautiful, heart-warming stories which – unlike the Harry Potter books - you shouldn’t be ashamed of telling your other adult friends that you enjoy watching. This adults-only screening means you can do so without sniffling toddlers and the constant parade of parents being dragged to the toilet.

Tickets here.



The Escape – Hereford Courtyard, Aug 18-24.

Most ‘critically-acclaimed films’ spent some time concerning themselves with inner turmoil. The Escape does a fair bit of that, but it also gives Brit stars Gemma Arteton and Dominic Cooper plenty of space to explore their outer turmoil as well. Reviews have been hugely positive for the relatively inexperienced director Dominic Savage and his stay-at-home mother who flees maternal domesticity for a new life in Paris.

Tickets and times here.


First Reformed – Richard Booth’s Cinema (Hay), Aug 10-12

A more literal crisis of faith, First Reformed sees director Paul Schrader – who himself almost became a priest – question where religion finds itself in the 21st century western world. He’s helped by a career-best performance from Ethan Hawke as an ex-military chaplain running a relic of a congreagtion in upstate New York – but nonetheless it’s incredibly difficult to eek two top scores from Little White Lies reviewers. This did.

Tickers here.



Generation Wealth – Hereford Courtyard, Aug 17 – 10.

On her previous, brilliant doco The Queen of Versailles, Lauren Greenfield demonstrated a real talent for pointing her camera at the rich, and specifically the nouveau riche. Generation Wealth widens the net. Greenfield goes to Russia, Dubai and America, forming a portrait of those riding this wave of relentless, unapologetic capitalism.

Tickets here.



Heathers, Hereford Courtyard, Aug 31 – Sept 5.

Like The Breakfast Club with unintentional murder. The 1989 under-appreciated classic Heathers gives you all the 80s power dressing and suburban high school drama you’d want from an era that specialised in coming-of-age flicks – except it’s all just a little bit darker.

There's a modern day adaption hitting small screens this year, but this is where it all started. Organisers want you to dress in your best 80s gear, and head down for a dose of nostalgia and Christian Slater.

Tickets here.

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