Books, Film & TV Wednesday, May 3rd

Movies This Month: films to see in Herefordshire this May

Books, Film & TV Wednesday, May 3rd

Movies This Month: films to see in Herefordshire this May

Here’s our pick of the best movies hitting Herefordshire screens this month. What do you want us to do - fetch your slippers for you?


Alien: Covenant

Hereford Odeon | from May 12 | tickets here

Alien is back.

The legendary sci-fi/horror series takes off once more in search of planets unknown on colony ship 'Covenant', only to find - you guessed it - a few inhospitable extra-terrestrials who rather they didn't.

Want to feel old? The original saw Sigourney Weaver touch down on an alien planetoid 38 years ago. This prequel still has Ridley Scott at the helm, but it's Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterson and Billy Crudup that'll have you biting your nails. We suggest doing so at the Midnight Premiere at Hereford's Odeon for extra suspense.



Hereford Odeon | from Monday, May 29 | tickets here

Beautiful people running in slow-motion. The Rock as The Hoff. And a remake of the much-loved 90s TV show in which a team of lifeguards - people who's only job is, to quote the film, to make sure 'swim-happy white people don't drown' - take down international drug-smuggling rings.

What's not to love? Seriously. Du-du-du-du-duh.


The Handmaiden

Richard Booths Bookshop cinema | May 12, 13, 14 | tickets here

Maybe not one to take your grandma to.

With a two hour-plus running time and some graphic lesbian sex scenes - which have garned quite a bit curtain-twitchingy buzz - this is an erotic thriller shot with all the sumptious style you would expect from the director of Oldboy. Come for the canoodling if you will, but stay for some great cinema.



Staunton-on-Wye | May 5 | tickets here

When he's not saving Los Angeles in a pair of swimshorts, The Rock is voicing Pacific chiefs in Disney films. The man is a moden day Brando. Disney hits the islands in this Polynesian adventure.

Arts Alive brings it out to Staunton-on-Wye for one night only.


NT Live: Obsession, feat Jude Law

Various | Thurs May 11 | Bromyard tix here, Ledbury tix here


If you like the kind of twitchy-thriller crime dramas that have taken over our TV screens for the last few years, this is the kind of National Theatre screening you might want to check out. Jude Law and Halina Reijn lead the way with "artful, physical performances",  and you can catch the live screenings at either Bromyard or Ledbury.


Mulholland Drive

Hereford Courtyard | May 22, 25 | tickets here

The David Lynch classic neo-noir was dusted off and restored recently, just in time for it to be voted film of the century in a BBC Culture poll. If you've never seen it on a nig screen, now's your chance.


ICYMI: I, Daniel Blake

Bromyard Conquest | Friday, May 19 | tickets here

Another stroke of gritty genius from Ken Loach, I Daniel Blake scooped the top prix at last year's Cannes Film Festival. If you missed it first time around, it's showing in Bromyard this month.


ICYMI: Toni Erdmann

Hereford Courtyard | May 15 - 18 | tickets here

We've mentioned it in our roundups before, but German drama-comedy Toni Erdmann went down so wll with Borderlines Film Festival audiences earlier this year, The Courtyard have brought it back for another round. Undoubtedly one of the films of the last 12 months. 

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