Books, Film & TV Wednesday, November 1st

Movies This Month: films to see in November

Books, Film & TV Wednesday, November 1st

Movies This Month: films to see in November

November’s a great month for movies. It’s dark out, everyone’s saving their livers for the run of Christmas parties and things are starting to heat up for Oscar season. So without ado, here’s what’s playing around Herefordshire over the next twenty-something days.


Justice League

in June Wonder Woman saved the DC superhero franchise (and the world). Now she's back with the full cast of Superfriends - including Khal Drogo as Aquaman - to do it all over again. You can catch the much-hyped film before all of your mates at a midnight premiere at Hereford Odeon on Thurs 16th. Or at more sociable hours in the subsequent days.


It's showing in 2D and 3D at The Odeon, Hereford from the 16th.

Tickets here.


Cult Films @ The Cosy Club

For the next two Sundays, you can get cosy watching a cult film in the clubhouse-y vibes of the Cosy Club's Bull Room. 

See out the weekend with Jake and Elwood as the brothers try to make it to Chicago on a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes and wearing sunglasses. Then next Sunday, following on from the Blues Brothers, you get to hang out with Vince and Jules and pretend it's not Monday tomorrow. You can even order up a "taaaasty burger" up as you watch.


Blues Brothers - Nov 5

Pulp Fiction - Nov 12

Info here.


Screen Unseen

In the office we get disgustingly excited when Odeon drop a new Screen Unseen date. Party poppers, Kardashian group hugs, the lot. And we just found out there's a new one booked in for Nov 20.

If you’ve never been to one of the secret premieres, dig out a fiver and read about them here.

Search #OdeonScreenUnseen to follow the clues as they are released. 

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 Tickets here, £5 each.


Paddington 2

Everyone's favourite Marmalade buttie-eating bear is back for round two from Nov 11. Brings the kids, don't bring the kids, whatever. Just come prepared for another dose of CGI'd cuteness.

It's showing at the Odeon in Hereford, or if you want to head for somewhere without The Great Wall Of Pick'n'Mix, it's also on at the gorgeous boutique cinema at Richard Booth's in Hay from Nov 24.


Head here for tickets to the Odeon, and here for Richard Booth's Cinema. And while we're talking about cherished fictional bears...


Goodbye, Christopher Robin (PG)

The story behind another much-loved bear, Goodbye Christopher Robin follows Winnie The Pooh creator A.A. Milne's relationship with his son, Christopher Robin, and his son's stuffed toys, one of which would go on to become one of most well-known characters in children's fiction.

It's on at the Courtyard on Nov 9.

Tickets here, £7 adults, £5 under-16s.


Painfully-funny political double-header @ The Courtyard

Also on at the Courtyard this month are two, close-to-the bone political flicks that may ring a little too true given the current state of world affairs.

Armando Iannucci (Alan Partridge-, The Thick of It-, Veep-creator) gives us his take on the backroom manouveuring of boot-licking staffers in the USSR, after Stalin dies. And no-one does backroom bootlicking like Ianucci. It's called The Death of Stalin and has Steve Buscemi in it. It's going to be funny.

Also on this month is a political doco - the entertaining kind, not the type your Grandad has in VHS boxes above his tele - about a certain US President who rode a wave of celebrity and stage presence all the way to the Oval Office. And then had to deal with the Russians. His name was Ronald Reagan, and the film is called The Reagan Show. 

The Death of Stalin (15) - Nov 24, 27,  28.

Tickets here, £7 each.

The Reagan Show (PG) - Nov 14, 15

Tickets here, £7 each.



There's always those films you wished you'd seen at the cinema, but missed out. Thanks to Flicks in the Sticks' delayed programming here's your chance to catch up on a few good ones.

Denial, Manchester By The Sea, Lion and La La Land are all getting airings at various pop-up cinemas this month. Head across to the Arts Alive page to see where and when.

But one of the more recent films on their programme is also one of our favourite films this year. If you haven't seen the uber-cool, Deaf Getaway Driver film Baby Driver, it's on at Leominster Playhouse on Nov 11. 


Flicks in the Sticks listings and tickets here.


Orson Welles Day

Finally, one for the film buffs. In collaboration with Ledbury Film Club,  the Market Theatre is holding a whole day talking, discussing and watching the one and only Orson Welles. A whole-day event, this Saturday, the morning session is looks at Welles the man, the actor and the director through the likes of Chimes at Midnight and The Third Man.

Then it's sarnies and hot drinks before a screening of the epic Citizen Kane - with a Q&A after. Thoughts Orson?


Tickets here, £20 for the whole day. 

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