Great Outdoors Sunday, June 10th

Kington Walks: the one with the views and the golf course

Great Outdoors Sunday, June 10th

Kington Walks: the one with the views and the golf course

#2 Horizons and hillsides | Grade: Moderate/ Extra-moderate (depending on your route)

Where? Bradnor Hill

How far? Either 4 miles and around two and a half hours, or 2.5 miles (about an hour).

Possible subjects of conversation: Top three romantic comedies, Would golf would be more entertaining if players wore roller skates, Clouds.

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The route:

-          There are two options to start with, you can either park up at the Kington Golf club, or walk up there from town. Skip on if you’re driving to the clubhouse.

-          From the Clock Tower head NW, taking the right by the War Memorial and going through the square to the left corner,  and then, in the next square to the far right corner where you can pick up the Offa’s Dyke footpath signs for the next kilometre.

-          You’re going head down to the river and cross it, then cross the A44. Follow the Offa’s Dyke signposts through several fields and kissing gates until you reach the  golf course through a gap in the bracken. Follow the yellow posts, through the course until you hit a tarmac road.

-           Follow this to the left, continuing on this lane for 750m – give way the golfers when you cross the two fairways – until it becomes a stony track,  and then leads to two grass paths. Take the righthand path and aim for a wooden hut when you see it.rr

-          Go to the right of the hut and the ninth tee, follow the path and swing left behind the 10th tee – take the narrow righthand path with a view of Kington, and start heading downhill.

-          After about 800m, and head down the stony path, bearing right to avoid the fairway before picking up the narrow grass path that descends through the bracken. 

-          Take a left just before the trees at the bottom and look for the wooden gate in the corner.

-          If you want to go back to the golf club car park from here,continue on the grassy path following the field wall on your right until it bends right – then go through a shallow gully to the left and pick up the path and follow it towards the clubhouse, where you bear right going below it to reach the car park.

-          To return to Kington, go through the gate and take the sunken path between the walls. Follow this across newton Lane, and eventually across the A44. Take the footbridge over Back Brook and turn left to follow the old tramway. Two kissing gates later, follow the track to reach the road at Crooked Well and retrace your steps to get back to the Clock tower.


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