Great Outdoors Monday, October 10th

Kington Walks: the one with the views and the horses

Great Outdoors Monday, October 10th

Kington Walks: the one with the views and the horses

#1 360-degree views and wild horses | Grade: Easy

Where? Park Wood & Offa’s Dyke

How far? 3.5 miles, or about an hour and a half (optional extra 1.5 miles/ one hour)

Possible subjects of conversation: Things wild horses couldn’t drag you away from, Pumpkin spice lattes, Which Kardashian will be the next US president.

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The route:

-          Head West, through the Rec and in to Lady Hawkins School grounds. Follow the marked path through a kissing gate in to a small field, and then through another gate where you turn right on the road.

-          Walk along the road for about 125m, then take the path on the left (over a stile). Follow the hedge for 100m, then bear right and leave the field over a stile. Turn left and follow the lane over two cattle grids until you reach Park Wood.

-          When you reach a white cottage, take the right-hand track. When you reach a junction of footpaths marked with a finger post, take the right path past a quarry, and uphill until you reach the end of the wood.   

-          Go through a timber gate and then a metal one, before turning sharply right on to a track. Follow this permissive path through several fields and kissing gates, with great views back over Kington, until you reach a wide grassy path - the Offa’s Dyke National Trail.

-          To return (short version) simply head right, following a track downhill, until you reach a tarmac lane which will take you back to Kington.

-          Or to take in the spectacular Hergest Ridge, take the left along the Offa’s Dyke Path. It will start to climb for around 1km, reaching a crossroad of paths – take the left one. This will take you on a loop around the ridge, returning you back here, where you retrace your steps before returning to Kington as detailed above.

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