Great Outdoors Friday, November 25th

Put The Date in Your Diary: Hereford Jail Break is coming back

Great Outdoors Friday, November 25th

Put The Date in Your Diary: Hereford Jail Break is coming back

Hereford Jail Break - the charity challenge where competitors were driven to a secret location and made their way home without spending more than £1 – is making a comeback.

Organised by Violet River, TechnoBreak promises to be a new and improved Jail Break, making the most of modernity and smartphone technology.

When the original fundraiser ran during the 90s, teams of four had to find their way home using charm and not a lot else. If they wanted to call for help, they’d head to the nearest phone box and dip into their £1 budget.

These days Siri and sat-navs would make that journey home a whole lot easier, but rather than abandon smartphone tech, TechoBreak 2017 will embrace it.

How will they do it?

"You’ll have to find out on the day," said the team behind the revived fundraiser.

"You’ll be checking in and taking part in extra challenges. There will be tasks to complete using technology in a variety of forms."

So the details remain under wraps, but Terri Pugh and Lyndsey Smith of Violet River, said it’s sparked a wave of interest already and they’ve been gathering old pics of stories from years gone by.

The weirdest so far? The team who hitched a lift from Heathrow with Dirty Den back in 1994. 

TechnoBreak will take place on Sunday, July 30 2017.

The entry fee is £200 per team (max 4 people), and you’ll need to raise a minimum of £300 in sponsorship. Money raised will be divvied up between local charities, and you can nominate the recipients now via the TechnoBreak website. Deadline for nominations is November 30.

Want to know more? Head to the official Facebook page, call 01432 274847 or email

Hereford Jail Break, 1994. And if that doesn't make you feel old, that's the year Harry Styles was born and 4 years before Google was founded.

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