Great Outdoors Monday, July 11th Words by: Adam Knight

Shots from the pit-stop: the Top 3 cyclist cafés in Herefordshire

Great Outdoors Monday, July 11th

Shots from the pit-stop: the Top 3 cyclist cafés in Herefordshire

Coffee culture and road cycling are old friends – perhaps due the deep roots both have on the continent, where the coffee is strong and short, or perhaps because having the British drinking equivalent, a ‘cheeky half’, at altitude, before riding on 60mph roads, is not the best of ideas.

Either way, the coffee tradition is in full force among Herefordshire cyclists.

We caught up with two NFTO race club cyclists who have covered the length and breadth of the county, to talk about their top coffee stop spots. These are Matt Morris and Kyle Dovey’s top picks for a roadside pick-me-up... 


1. Diego’s Café, Bridge Street, Hereford

Also the pick of NFTO star Ian Bibby, Diego's is run by a cyclist and a works as a great start/fininsh point for those leaving from the county's biggest city.



2. The River Café, Glasbury Bridge, Glasbury

Great coffee, great food, and - as the name suggests - great riverside location. Just the other side of the border, but perfect for anyone heading on a long ride out west.



3. The Granary/The Old Electric Shop, Broad Street, Hay-on-Wye

Take your pick. These two Hay-on-Wye institutions of the caffeinated beverage with sort you out, as their bike-laden pavements will attest to.



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