Stage Thursday, April 19th

A Three-Minute guide to the acts on 2Faced's ID Night bill

Stage Thursday, April 19th

A Three-Minute guide to the acts on 2Faced's ID Night bill

A couple of times every year, 2Faced Dance - who, while we're here, are an internationally-renowned company Based. In. Hereford - host a showcase of emerging talent from across the UK, and across the world. 

It's an intimate way to experience, up-close, the kind of raw, challenging performaces you only get from of young artists trying to carve their names in to the culture. And it's cheap.

The tagline's 'Emerge. Innovate. Inspire' - but to be fair, you've only got to worry about doing the first one. The performers will handle the rest.

Here's a whistlestop run-down on who's taking to the stage (or screen tonight).

Google, give me three minutes on the timer... 


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Jack Thompson

From Yorkshire. Shoots dancers. With a camera. He's also a talented dancer himself, who's worked with Phoenix in Leeds.

His piece is a short film called Business is Brutal, made with Random Acts and featuring music from Tanya Tagag, it features by way of a cover image, seven upturned thumbtacks. Imposing. 


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Nothing to do with carveries. Half of collaborative company TobyLikesMILK, Kate Higgins heads up a collective of female dancers who hit at the heart of your perceptions of social media.

This one’s about memory, and features an original score from Benjamin Winter. Like & share.

1990s Chris

A local boy by way of Bristol, his name may or may not be a reference to the Fred Perry zip-up he’s got on his headshot.

He’s a poet. And his show looks like it’s going to get real, real quick. There’s even a disclaimer of how real it’s going to get.

TBF, it is called ‘Honesty Castration’.


Doing it for the ‘gram. Collab between Dann Carroll and Robyn Barratt that is going to get all kinds of meta.

Best branded show on the bill. Voted most likely to be InstaFamous. By us.

Daniel Lakehurst

Embarrassingly talented. Bio lists him as a choreographer, performer, composer and lighting designer. And he does acrobatics.

This one’s about relationships. Listen to Bon Iver to get a sense of his inspiration. I mean, just listen to Bon Iver anyway. The guy makes music out of feelings.

Stella Koulouvardi

(Almost certainly) from Greece.

She has the alter ego Poppin’ Butterfly. Because, presumably, she’s really good at popping. Or poppin’, as the kids say. This one’s a short film as well, with a bit of comic sense thrown in.

Yes, you will probably leave trying to do The Robot. No, you won’t look as good doing it.

Param Mirpuri

From India.

B-boy with a background as a yoga guru. Nice inclusion given 2Faced’s work in India over the last few years.

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