Stage Friday, September 14th

The Courtyard's surprisingly-good comedy lineup this Autumn (starts tonight)

Stage Friday, September 14th

The Courtyard's surprisingly-good comedy lineup this Autumn (starts tonight)

Look out Netflix, comedy is well and truly back at the Courtyard.

The theatre is in for a big few months when it comes to stand-ups – and I know this because Seann Walsh, one of my precious Queens Park Rangers’ only celebrity fans (Pete Doherty’s the other one) sent out a message to rearrange his Hereford gig while he’s busy gracing Blackpool ballroom’s this Autumn in the name of Saturday Night Tele.

That got me wondering; if the Courtyard are booking people with the impeccable taste of a Super Hoops fan, who else is on their Autumn lineup.? And I was pleasantly surprised with the answer.

Here’s a who’s who, and when they’re on. (Book up your tickets early for the bigger names, because you best know your Auntie Janet and her girlfriends will have – and there tends to a be a lot of Auntie Janets at Courtyard comedy shows, all lively on rose and set on misunderstanding the concept of heckling).



 You know her from Every BBC Panel Show Ever, and Live At The Apollo. If you don’t, then you should know that the show’s title is not indicative of some long-haired Dapper Laughs. I mean, you can bring Daz and Hodders and Spider, just leave Dave-o at home as you know he’s just going to shout ‘show us your t*ts’ three minutes in, and it’s really not that kind of a gig.

LADSLADSLADS is coming off sellout stints in the West End and rave reviews at Edinburgh. It’s Pascoe “in her prime”, according to the Times – and the chance to see one of the UK’s undisputed top comics live in Hereford. She’s also VERY good at Twitter.

Tix are £19 (£15 conc) – and you can get them here.


Traditionalism – Nov 10

Geoff Norcott’s character on The Mash Report is what That One Mate On Facebook thinks he sounds like, every time he starts typing comments under a Tommy Robinson video about burqas.

His stand-up sets are more of the same brutal assassinations laying waste to almost every aspect of modern life, from hipsters to the elderly. But, let’s be clear, it’s mainly hipsters. Without doubt he’s one of the smartest, most incisive guys writing and performing comedy in the UK today – and you will be back-pocketing a load of his lines to settle pub debates with your mates.

He’s the one man who can seemingly talk about ‘common sense’ and politics without it ending up in a public apology, or an LBC radio show. Or worse, whatever Al Murray is. Get you tickets here.


Result! – Nov 1

Once you get over the fact that, even for an Irishman, Jimeoin has far too many vowels in his name, you’ll find what all of Australia has known since the 90’s; the guy’s a great time.

He’s a throwback - albeit not throwing back that far – to a time of Peter Kays and Lee Evans and funny expressions and observational humour that doesn’t end in a crushing satire about Brexit. Result!’s just finished a lauded run off-Boradway in New York, and the Live At The Apollo veteran is bringing the buzz back this side of the Atlantic. You’re going to laugh a lot.

Tickets are £19, get them here.


Courtyard Comedy Club – Sept 28

It’s little surprise that Julian Deane is back on bill for the this month’s second Comedy Club lineup – he was responsible for one of the best sets I’ve seen there, last time he was on Edgar St. A little Norcottian in his style, he’s acerbic and world-weary in all the right places, and the crowdwork comes with killer punchlines. Go, but maybe don’t sit in the front row.

Also confirmed that night are Sean McLoughlin and Steff Todd. You can get tickets here.



Courtyard Comedy Club – Sept 14

This Autumn lineup is actually kicking off tonight for a Comedy Club (and pregame curry for an additional surcharge). McGrath’s an Edinburgh darling and one of the few standups who can legitimately hold their own on Soccer AM. Off-stage, Barry and her are writing partners (as Twins) with their sketch shows getting a load of love from the likes of Guardian and James Acaster. You can check it out for yourself on NextUp Comedy if you find yourself killing the clock this Friday afternoon.

The bill is rounded out with Dan Thomas – tickets here.


Who could it be? Rock? Chappelle? The big Louis CK comeback gig? We don’t know. We do know that there are these three slots in the diary for more Comedy Clubs. Trust the bookers and slap your money down now, or wait for further updates. The choice is yours. (It’s probably not Louis, though)

The December show – the last one before Xmas – is always raucous and highly in-demand, so book that one early. Do so here.



After this one, I’m going home - Mar 3 (2019)

If you’re booking tickets to Seann Walsh gigs six months in advance, you probably don’t even need to read this (and will likely be on a police list somewhere if Seann Walsh ever goes missing) but in this case it might be a good idea. As previously-mentioned Walsh recently debuted on Strictly – complete with QPR scarf in the Green Room, I may add – and thus has now been subject to articles like “Who is Seann Walsh? Net Worth and Girlfriend” (Daily Mirror online), and “Who Is Seann Walsh?” (Radio Times).

In other words, he’s about to get a lot more famous. Even your Mum will tell you how very funny that scruffy lad was when he was talking to Bruno. (Could do with a haircut, mind.) He is funny, mind. Very much so. And you should both book tickets to see him and follow him on Twitter where he’s constantly dropping bombs.

Get them here.


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