Stage Tuesday, October 17th Words by: Adam Knight, Veronica Lee, pictures by: Andy Parsons/Illustration by Herefordshire Live

Why Andy Parsons Should Be Arguing For World War 3 At His Hereford Show

Stage Tuesday, October 17th

Why Andy Parsons Should Be Arguing For World War 3 At His Hereford Show

Andy Parsons is great. But I'd take issue with the title of his tour - which rolls in to Hereford this week.

His latest show is called Peak Bulls**t. I've got no aversion to a little salty language in the masthead, my only issue is that it must have been a title thought up months ago, before he hit the road. And if the last two-plus years have taught us anything, it's that just when you think we've hit peak-level bulls**t, up pops another nuclear standoff, another poorly-built party conference stage, another Harvey Weinstein, to plumb new depths of bulls**t. Or is it heights?

Either way, Mock the Week's resident Angry Man isn't going to be short of material any time soon. Ahead of the show tomorrow, here he is in his own words:


On why you shouldn’t be learning about current affairs from Mock The Week:

“There is so much bulls**t out there that people don't know where to go for their news and information. Apparently a lot of people are getting their information from comedy shows which given that they are comedy shows is very worrying.

“You ask any comedian “Why the chicken crossed the road?” and they will all give you a different answer”

Seriously, you shouldn’t:

“We would rarely get a chance on Mock the Week to discuss anything contentious – such as terrorism or tax credits or Syria.

“I mean, David Cameron wanted to bomb Syria in 2013 and 2015 but in those two years he had completely changed his mind as to which side he wanted to bomb. It seemed he wanted to bomb both sides. That didn't seem like a coherent foreign policy – more like somebody who had some bombs that were coming up to their use-by date”



On making jokes at a time when the Leader of the Free World already seems a punchline:

. “You could argue it's the worst time to be a satirist because events of 2016 have proved that what satirists say has no effect whatsoever on the general public. Satirists should be arguing for World War 3 and an increase in bankers' bonuses on the grounds that, then, they are much less likely to happen”

“All I can predict is that I will be travelling the length and breadth of the country on tour, visiting a lot of motorway service stations and at some point I will succumb and indulge in a Ginsters buffet bar.”

On how his act goes down outside of a BBC studio, in places like Hereford:

“When emotions are heightened and you talk about the state of the world, I think – at least I hope – that maybe people are more interested in what you have to say.

“There is a lot of anger in Britain at the moment. It doesn't matter where you live or what your politics are, the same things – health, education, jobs, pay, crime – affect us all. There are many things we can all agree on. For instance, Philip Green should not have been allowed to sell BHS to a former bankrupt with no history of retail experience for a quid.”

On what it means to be British in 2017:

“If I have to summarise the show, it's asking has the world gone mad, what it means to British in 2017, what it means to be a patriot - and is it true that we only like immigrants if they can win us gold medals at the Olympics?

“We're not keen for people to sneak into a Britain on a dinghy – unless they can paddle it very quickly”

For more info on his show at the Courtyard - including where to get tickets - click here. To have a listen to more episodes of Andy Parsons' political comedy podcast The Slacktivist Action Group (the most recent one is embedded below), click here.

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