Election Week Thursday, June 1st

Election Recap: the Herefordshire 2017 election as it happened

Election Week Thursday, June 1st

Election Recap: the Herefordshire 2017 election as it happened

We drank all the coffee. We used all the wifi. And, as predicted, the Conservatives are sitting comfortably in Herefordshire, having won majority voteshares in both constituencies. Scroll down for a recap of election night, as it happened.



Hereford & South Herefordshire

Jesse Norman (Conservative): 27,004 votes

Anna Coda (Labour): 11,991

Jim Kenyon (Indp): 5,560

Lucy Hurds (Liberal Democrat): 3,556

Diana Toynbee (Green): 1,220

Gwyn Price (UKIP): 1,153


North Herefordshire

Bill Wiggin (Conservative): 31,097 votes

Roger Page (Labour): 9,495

Ellie Chowns (Green): 2,771

Jeanie Falconer (Lib Dem): 5,874

Sasha Norris (Indp): 577

Arthur Devine (Indp): 363

4.15am: And it's official. Bill Wiggin makes it twice as nice for the Conservatives in Herefordshire - upping his voteshare by 7%, and keeping hold of the North Herefordshire seat. Labour 2nd in both constituencies.


4am: A few words from Hereford and South Herefordshire MP Jesse Norman:

How were you able to take a chunk of the UKIP vote, where you colleagues failed?

I am a very, very local MP. I really care about local issues and I really fight for local issues. If one of things that sustained Ukip was that it was a protest vote, then if you feel like your MP is on your side then you don’t protest so hard against them. Maybe you support them.

What’s top of your list when it comes to local issues over the next five years?

Always the same things, boosting the local economy, protecting public sevices, getting more investment inside the county and I’ll be redoubling my effort on those over the next five years. Having increased one's votes, to get more than 50 percent, those things really do create a tremendous responsibility and duty – but I think I have that already.

When you walk back into Westminster it’s going to be a very different picture to the one you left a month ago. As a minister, what are you expecting in terms of the Conservative leadership?

I just have no idea about this. I haven’t really been following the national picture, so I can’t really comment on it. I’ll be trying to discharge my responsibilities as Minister of Energy and as a local rep. I always thought that is very beneficial for the county as it does give one the ear of the top table. So we’ll have to see what happens.


3.45am: Jesse Norman (Con) retains his Hereford and South Herefordshire seat. 

"I have now fought three elections, and defeated three different parties - the Lib Dems, Ukip and now Labour," he says from the podium.

3.20am: There are rumblings in the counting hall at Hereford Leisure Centre - expecting our first result in the next half an hour.

This year's turn out, ICYMI earlier: 71% in Hereford and South Herefordshire, 74% in North Herefordshire.

2.30am: Bit of a national picture: Clegg loses his Sheffield Hallam seat, Farage says May is "toast", and Labour's Owen Smith, who stood for party leadership, says he'd give Corbyn a hug. The BBC has updated its exit poll and forecasts that the Tories could be just four seats short of a majority.

1.55am: We've roped in students for tonight's coverage. Because that's how we roll. Here's Aron Williams, Hereford Sixth Form College student, interviewing Hereford and South Herefordshire candidate Jim Kenyon. 

01.37am: Jesse Norman's team are staying strong and stable, but that Wrexham result was definitely a shock to them.


01.19am: Green party's Ellie Chowns believes an 'open primary' where Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens vote amongst themselves for the best candidate to take on the Tories, is her party's best chance of taking the North Herefordshire seat from Bill Wiggin in five years' time.

01.11am: Nationally, Labour hold Wrexham and Darlington. Both major Tory targets. Probably worth staying up a bit longer....

00.49am: Counters having a time-out, before the real counting begins. 179 boxes in from 179 polling stations. 72  percent turnout - 6 points up on the national average from 2015.



00.31am: Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry talking on the Beeb has said Labour "could form the next government". Not long after David Gauke, chief secretary to the Treasury, told Sky News that Mrs May was "the best qualified person" to lead the UK.

00.15am: Results from the north East are getting pundits and talking heads on TV quite excited.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central - 2.1% swing from Tories to Labour
Houghton and Sunderland South - 3.5% swing from Labour to Tories
Sunderland Central - 2.3% swing from Labour to Tories

In other news, I've eaten four mini muffins.

11.30pm: We're entertaining ourselves on Twitter. Not even midnight yet.



11pm: Early editions of Friday's papers are coming out on Twitter. Follow @hendopolis.



10.35pm: We won't get the Herefordshire results until the wee hours - probably gone 4am. But around half of the UK results should be in by 1am. Scotland's first results are expected at 2am. By 3am we'll have results coming out of our ears.

10.15pm: Ballot boxes have started arriving at Hereford Leisure Centre where the Herefordshire count is taking place. The runners - sporting very sexy hi-vis vests - are taking this seriously. Just been told off for standing in the wrong place. 


The first ballot box arriving in style at Hereford Leisure Centre. By style we mean by small car

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10pm: So. The Exit Poll is pointing towards a hung parliament at the moment - with the Conservatives as the largest party, but no overall majority. 

8pm: Okay, so I need to go and take a little screen break so I can go and - y'know - vote.

But I'll be back in around an hour with some more strong and unstable takes on the night's action, more #DogsAtPollingStations and some students taking pics and live video of the candidates as the votes are counted.

In case you miss me - check out more of our Election Week coverage here, unfortunately we're still waiting on a callback from Al Murray.


7.45pm: Although maybe the Kenyon camp knows something these pollsters don't:


7.40pm: So we already took a look at the YouGov polling for the north of the county. Here's how the pollsters think it'll go down south.

(And below is a Beginner's Guide from fellow pollsters Ipsos MORI that should help you know your vote share from your turnout - watch it and pretend like you're Dimbleby for the rest of the night's coverage)



7.30pm: This is not a dig, nor an endorsement for a particular party - but you just don't see Conservative voters walking out of the polling station this happy.

Good for you, @petermichaelantony.



7.15pm: Pretty much how we all feel about this election right now.



6.30pm: Both Herefordshire constituencies should be called at around 4am (we hope). But for those politics geeks out there, here are some other key times to look out for through the night:

10pm - Voting closes, exit polls are released. Celebrity Juice starts on ITV2.

11pm - Sunderland and Newcastle race to announce first, in lieue of a Premier League fixture.

1am - Putney Declares. A bad movie title - and also a first insight in to how the Tories will fare in strong Remain seats.

1.30am - A possible tipping point. If Mrs May nicks Tooting Wrexham and Darlington off Labour, it could indicate a big night for the Conservatives.

3am - Interest north of the border as SNP's Westminster leader will know if he's been turfed out, as some are predicting. Could be a predictor on how Nicky Stugeon's party will do in Scotland.

4am - Victory speeches at Hereford Town Hall. Staffers break down in tears. Everyone heads to Play54.

Also, we will know by now if there has been a 'liberal revival', with Big Vince Cable's bid for re-election in Twickenham set to be one of the results to ring the bell.

4.30-5am - Theresa May will have almost-certainly just secured her Maidenhead seat, while UKIP leader Paul Nuttall will find out if he was able to do what Farage never could, and win a seat (pollsters think he won't).

7am - There will only be six seats left up for grabs - and if it's still in play at this point then it was definitely worth staying up for.


6.25pm: You know what they say - you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it vote.


6.15pm: "Don't trust the polls," my grandad used to say - but I think he meant something different. He was from a different generation.

Anyway, if you do want to trust the polls, YouGov is one of the biggest, and most respected. Here is what they're saying right now about North Herefordshire:


6.10pm: When the Pizza Gods know you're pulling an all-nighter on the liveblog...

Touché Papa Johns, touché.




6.07pm: Double dog (#DogsAtPollingStations is A Thing - in case you're just getting out of work). This one from photographer Jim Wood, in Hereford.



5.58pm: What do the candidates think about Brexit? Find out here.


5.29pm: We like these from Hereford College of Arts' illustrator Max Low. Check him on Insta here.





5.16pm: I'm biased, but this the current leader for cutest canine-voter:

(Broadlands, Hereford)



5.12pm: That guy lurking outside Hampton Dene Church with a rosette is not a creep, he's a 'teller'. This is what he's doing:

5.00pm: Bong, bong, bong, bong,  boooong.

Five hours 'till the polling stations close.


4.52pm: "Contenders ahhr you readyyyy...."

Click on the pic below for info on all the candidates standing tonight in Herefordshire.



4.36pm: Ledbury voters queueing up like it's a Nando's...

(Tweet from Green candidate Ellie Chowns)


4.29pm: The current odds for the two front-runners at moment are Jesse Norman 250/1 ON (H&SH), and Bill Wiggin 500/1 ON(NH).

We're not saying it's all over, but if we were working in the Conservative campaign office we'd be looking out for portly opera singers.

So, if you're a UKIP voter, or a Labour voter for example, and you're worried about 'wasting' your vote - you might want to check out Swap My Vote. (more below)


It's basically an honour system that lets you 'promise' to vote a certain way for a total stranger in another constituency in exchange for them voting for your party. The idea is that website works out areas where your UKIP or Labour vote might help a candidate win in a close race.

But, as we've been talking about in the office this week, there is the outside chance that the whole site is a scheme cooked up by Russian hackers. Proceed at your own risk.



4.12pm: Fun fact about Hereford & South Herefordshire MP Jesse Norman: He is tall. Very tall. 

(The lady on the  left is standing on a chair.)


3.45pm: Which candidates think we'll get a bypass, which ones think Hereford FC will get back to the Football League and which ones make a cup of tea by putting the milk in first*? Find out here:


*JK. We have no idea about the tea. And frankly you shouldn't be allowed to run for office if you brew up like that anyway.



3.40pm: In 2015, only one independent candidate got elected in the UK. ONE. We have three running today across the county:


Arthur Devine (NH) - who, aside from having a name that sounds a Michael Caine character,  no-one knows much about.

Sasha Norris (NH), a TV personality and passionate wildlife advocate who is seeking to make the entire county a National Park.

And Jim Kenyon, an ex-forces candidate and current Hereford mayor, whose odds bookmakers have just slashed to make him second-favourite in the Hereford & South Herefordshire race. Could it happen?*

(*Probably not)


3.25pm: In 'erefordshire we votes in our wellies...

Love this pic.




3.20pm: In America today some bars are offering a free drink every time Donald Trump tweets. Over here The Hereford Beer House are also doing their bit to support democracy in action. Unfortunately no free beers.



3.04pm: It's still raining. What does that mean for voter turnout?

 Actually not that much. In the States, rain on election day's always been a bit of bogeyman - especially for more liberal candidates.

But this is Britain. We are a hardy sort. Drizzle is as much a feature of our summer as Wimbledon is. Although pollsters still believe that bad weather can keep some voters at home - bad news for parties like Labour who will be relying on younger voters to show up in droves across the country today - no-one's ever been able to really prove it. 

So grab a brolly, and get yourself a slice of democracy.



2.45pm: A veteran newsman of many Herefordshire Election, here's Bill Tanner on the rise of the Hereford Lib Dems in the 90s, and on their charasmatic candidate, the recently-passed Paul Keetch - the last non-Conservative to hold office in the county:

"It’s hard to express now just how formidable a machine Hereford’s Lib-Dems ran out of their Widemarsh Street HQ then. Just as it is now equally hard to imagine them ever running such a machine again.

"In 1997 that machine was channelling the palpable sense of change prevalent in national politics. It was driving a new young candidate with an all too familiar local backstory. 

"Paul Keetch had joined the Lib Dems while still at school and, at 21, was elected to the then Hereford City Council – the youngest city councillor in the UK. Within two years, like so many local youngsters, he packed his promise for London and business. By 1994 he was back as Lib Dem constituency candidate. And Three years on he was an MP."



2.30pm:  The bookies have got the last two big political results (Brexit/Trump) a lot closer than the pundits and pollsters. This is what they're saying for Hereford and South Herefordshire atm:



And yet, the most popular bet - by far - is UKIP. Remember the constituencies was had one of the highest percentage of Leave voters in the UK last year.





Done my democratic duty. #votesforwomen #shevoted #generalelection2017 #ge2017 #suffragette #Herefordshire

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On this day in 1913 suffragette Emily Davison was fatally injured at the Epsom Derby - one of the most extreme moments in the campaign for women's rights to vote.

11.30am: Worse than estate agents. There's been a bit of a media scrum as Lib Dem leader Tim Farron pays a visit to his local polling station in Kendall. THIS IS EXCITING ELECTION COVERAGE, GUYS.

Back in Herefordshire, there are some stellar dogs on show today.

10.30am: 24 hours ago the odds of independent candidate Jim Kenyon, standing in Hereford & South Herefordshire, becoming to city's new MP were 66/1. This morning Paddy Power slashed that to 30/1. Labour, Lib Dem and UKIP remain 66/1, and Greens 500/1.

In 2015, the second most voted for party across the 'shire was UKIP - scooping up 6,720 votes in North Herefordshire (14%) and 7,954 in Hereford and South Herefordshire (16.8%).

Kenyon's local campaign brought us this btw...

10.12am: "Polling Day!" tweets Jesse Norman, con candidate for Hereford & South Herefordshire. "I've worked 24/7, body and soul, for Herefordians for 7 years now. Please RT and give me your support."

9:01am: In 2015 the Herefordshire turnout was just over 92,000 - that's 65% of the eligible population. More election facts here.

Fully expect Brexit and health to be the issues that bring people out in 2017. YouGov data puts that winning combo at the forefront too.


8.30am: As last-minute polls put May's Conservative's ahead of Uncle Jezza's Labour, Bet365 have 1/250 odds that Jesse Norman (con) will retain the Hereford and South Herefordshire seat. Bill Wiggin, Conservative candidate for North Herefordshire - a seat that's considered "ultra safe" for Tories - is 1/500.

8am: Herefordshire students Ella Mapes and Alex Murdock have been asking young voters what they make of the main election issues. 

It's a mixed bag of views on defence, terror, the media and first-past-the-post voting. Read it here: vox pops.

vox emilyh



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