Election Week Thursday, June 8th Words by: Adam Knight, Lauren Rogers

Election Results: We're Hung but Conservatives Hold On In Herefordshire

Election Week Thursday, June 8th

Election Results: We're Hung but Conservatives Hold On In Herefordshire

Six weeks after Mrs May called her snap election, Conservative candidates Jesse Norman and Bill Wiggin have kept hold of their Herefordshire seats.

By 4.30am the results were in, and we were out of decent coffee. And while the rest of the UK entered "unchartered waters" - still unsure of who'd be PM by sunrise, the 200-odd count officials and party campaigners had cleared out of Hereford Leisure Centre.

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Here's your highlights reel, complete with our finest moment to date - the Welsh Wham pun to end all Welsh Wham puns.

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Hereford & South Herefordshire results:

Jesse Norman (Conservative): 27,004 votes
Anna Coda (Labour): 11,991
Jim Kenyon (Indp): 5,560
Lucy Hurds (Liberal Democrat): 3,556
Diana Toynbee (Green): 1,220
Gwyn Price (UKIP): 1,153

North Herefordshire results:

Bill Wiggin (Conservative): 31,097 votes
Roger Page (Labour): 9,495
Ellie Chowns (Green): 2,771
Jeanie Falconer (Lib Dem): 5,874
Sasha Norris (Indp): 577
Arthur Devine (Indp): 363



Bill Wiggin, after his win: "They went out in the rain and voted for a better future for their country. The Labour party wasn't traditionally a protest vote. But obviously that's changed."

Jesse Norman, from the podium, "I have now fought three elections, and defeated three different parties - the Lib Dems, Ukip and now Labour."

Asked how he was able to take a chunk of the Ukip votes where party colleagues failed, the former Barclays director - first elected in 2010 - said: "I am a very, very local MP. I really care about local issues and I really fight for local issues. If one of things that sustained Ukip was that it was a protest vote, then if you feel like your MP is on your side then you don’t protest so hard against them. Maybe you support them."


Looking at the national picture after the shock exit poll, Green candidate Ellie Chowns - who came fourth in the North Herefordshire vote - said she believed in an 'open primary' where Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens vote amongst themselves for the best candidate to take on the Tories.

That, she said, was her party's best chance of taking the "ultra-safe" Tory seat from Wiggin in five years' time.

Lib Dem Lucy Hurd was not so sure. She told us that Labour and the Libs are "too far apart" right now for talk of any progressive alliance. 


In 2015, Ukip came second in both constituencies. This time, it was Labour. And if there is - as it's being predicted already - yet another election before the year is out, who knows. Who. Knows.

Until then, let's just enjoy a man's jacket.

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