Food & Drink Thursday, May 26th

Sponsored: the Rude Wines guide to weekend drinking

Food & Drink Thursday, May 26th

Sponsored: the Rude Wines guide to weekend drinking

When does wine o’clock start? If you plan your spare time around what to eat and drink then you might just recognise one (or more) of Rude Wines' five stages of weekend wine drinking, starting with the post-work ‘Just The One’ drink and ending defiantly with the Sunday night ‘The Weekend Is Not Over’ drink. 

1. The Friday Evening ‘I Need A Drink’ Drink

Generally consumed straight from work, this tends to be cold, white and fairly neutral, hence the popularity of Pinot Grigio. Starts off as ‘Just The One’ but if it contains bubbles, one might easily become three or four and before you know it, you’re singing karaoke with colleagues you’ve never spoken to before (and probably never will again).

Stage 1: Antica Vigna Pinot Grigio £8.49

A touch more oompf than your average PG, this is cool, crisp and perfect for Friday evening imbibing.

ITW04J Pinot Grigio Antica Vigna2. The Friday ‘One For The Road’ drink

Might be ill-advised, depending on where you got to in stage 1. If it’s wine, it’ll be red, relatively inexpensive and possibly accompanied by a take-away and Friday night TV. This is not the time to crack open the posh bottle, no matter how good an idea it seems at the time.

Stage 2: 1415 Garnacha Carinena £7.99

Bright cherry fruit combined with smooth spice make for a great easy-drinking pizza and pasta wine.


3. The Saturday afternoon ‘Is It Too Early To Have A Drink?’ drink

Often consumed with sport (watching rather than playing obvs), in which case it might not be made from grapes. That’s fine, in moderation. If it’s sunny, then rational thoughts relating to the time of day seem to go out of the window, particularly if rosé and barbecues are involved.

Stage 3: Punta Rosa Spumante Rosato £9.99

Sunny Saturday afternoons and al fresco eating is cause for a celebration in our book – try a light, pink fizz to ease you gently in to the evening.

ITS02A Vino Spumate Rosato Brut

4. The Sunday ‘I Don’t Normally Drink At Lunchtime’ drink

If you’re going to go to the effort of making a roast dinner, then of course you need a suitable wine pairing. Red meat calls for a rich, structured red which, when combined with daytime drinking, can induce feelings of severe laziness and a distinct inability to do the washing-up.

Stage 4: The Pepper Pot Red, Edgebaston £9.99

Add a liberal dash of rich, peppery fruit to your roast beef with this stunning Stellenbosch classic.


5. The Sunday evening ‘The Weekend Is Not Over Yet’ drink

This is the one to savour, particularly as the last sip tends to indicate the end of the weekend and quite possibly the beginning of a dry week (ok dry Monday at least). It might well be the remnants of the lunch wine, but if that’s all gone then you’re faced with the dilemma of opening another bottle. Oh go on then…

Stage 5: Domaine Saint-Lannes Les Peyrades Rouge £8.99

A fruity Southern French red to finish the weekend in style: pair with the latest TV thriller and banish all thoughts of the Monday commute.

FRR35K st lannes les peyrades

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