Food & Drink Tuesday, May 24th Words by: Lauren Rogers, pictures by: Rural Media

Download the Golden Fire app, it's all about Herefordshire cider

Food & Drink Tuesday, May 24th

Download the Golden Fire app, it's all about Herefordshire cider

‘Never to be forgotten, that first long secret drink of golden fire…’ - Cider with Rosie, Laurie Lee

Cider production is arguably the beating heart of Herefordshire and, thanks to the craft cider boom, the rest of the world is starting to realise that. 

We're willing to pay more to support small artisanal brands and with bad cider (thankfully) being dismissed in favour of quality craft varities, it seems cider has found a sweet spot between tradition and trend. 

It makes sense then that Hereford-based Rural Media has chosen summer 2016 to launch Golden Fire, an app all about Herefordshire's own sauce.

The free app will feature films, archive footage, photography, oral histories and general info on the county's cider makers, festivals and growers.

“It's all about passion, partnership and celebration,” said Nic Millington, CEO of Rural Media.

“Herefordshire is the centre of the cider-making world and it’s time we wore our heart on our sleeve.

“This project is all about the deep, rich history of cider-making in the county and sharing that wealth of heritage on the widest possible level.”

The digital arts project (made possible with £62,600 of Heritage Lottery Funding) is being backed by some major players in the county’s cider scene - Helen Thomas, CEO of Weston’s Cider; Margaret Thompson, director of the Hereford Cider Museum; Dave Marshall of the Bulmer Foundation; Tom Oliver of Oliver’s Cider and Perry and the Three Counties Cider and Perry Association; Jackie Denman of The Big Apple; and Norman Stanier of Once Upon A Tree and the Three Counties Cider Shop in Ledbury.

The Golden Fire app will be available to download for free from June.

On Tuesday June 7, there’ll be an official launch at the Courtyard in Hereford with cider tastings, a screening of a Golden Fire film and archive footage from Bulmers, one of the biggest cider makers in the world based here in Herefordshire.

Tickets are £10. Call 01432 340555 to book.

The Golden Fire app will be available from the Apple and Android stores from June.

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