Food & Drink Sunday, September 10th Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: Tyrrell's/Youtube

Cheesy TV ad as Tyrrell's 'absurd' crisp vid tries to go viral

Food & Drink Sunday, September 10th

Cheesy TV ad as Tyrrell's 'absurd' crisp vid tries to go viral

Last week, my brother messaged me from a two horse town in Denmark to tell me "they have Tyrrell's here".

It's no secret that the crisp company from Leominster has gone global. Along with homegrown brands like Chase vodka and Weston's cider, Tyrrell's are one of the names putting Herefordshire on the food and drink map.

And they're about to kick it up a notch.

According The Drum, the luxury snack brand have just dropped a cool £2.5m on an "off the wall" ad campaign that is shamelessly looking for LOLs - and even features a vocal cameo from Darth Maul himself (actor Peter Serafinowicz).

The fun, 20-second spot will be the brand's first TV ad, but with a social campaign backing it up, expect to see your favourite crisp brand in more than just Scandinavian airports.

Ray Shaughnessy, the creative director at the London firm that headed up the campaign, said: "We've taken the characters that everyone sees on pack and thrown them together with a bunch of other eccentrics, re-imagining life in Tyrrells' home of Herefordshire."

See what you think:

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