Food & Drink Tuesday, September 20th Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: Rule Of Tum

Ditch the peppercorn sauce and eat steak like the Argentines with this gorgeous Chimichurri recipe from A Rule Of Tum

Food & Drink Tuesday, September 20th

Ditch the peppercorn sauce and eat steak like the Argentines with this gorgeous Chimichurri recipe from A Rule Of Tum

Steaks are great. I don’t think this is a controversial statement.

That said, in this country we have a habit of covering them in the kind of sauce that requires a cement mixer to make and a half-hour nap to digest.

So one day, whilst grabbing lunch at the Burger Shop on Aubrey St, our interest was naturally piqued when we saw a pot of fresh and punchy-looking green sauce meant to accompany, amongst other things, the vaunted beef steak.

It was, we were informed, ‘Chimichurri’ – a sauce lovingly slathered across food in South America with a ubiquity that we, shamefully, reserve for ketchup.

Anything that fun to say must, we reasoned, be delicious to eat. And we were not disappointed. The herb-heavy accompaniment was a game-changer.

It’s also served next door at the Rule Of Tum’s Bookshop as an option to enjoy on their weekly Steak Thursday, about as good an example of cooked animal as you will taste. When you go, ask for the Green Sauce.

Here is Bookshop chef Nicole Edey with a quick crash-course on Chimichurri - and below, a recipe for The Bookshop’s own take on it, which consists of more seasonally fresh British ingredients than you would find in a Buenos Aires steakhouse.


For those who don’t know – what is the story behind Chimichurri?

Nicole Edey - Chimichurri originated in Argentina and is used predominately as a steak condiment.

What makes it great with steaks?

NE - It’s light, fresh and uplifting - adding new levels to the steak.

How different – and how is it different – as an eating experience to some of the more traditional ways we accompany steaks in this country?

NE - It’s different because it’s not a rich, creamy sauce which can sometimes takeaway from the flavours of the steak. It’s also a light and healthy option which can be prepared quickly in the comforts of your home.

What’s your opinion on some of the more heavy sauces like Bernaise/peppercorn/red wine/mushroom that we see more frequently over here? 

NE - All delicious!!! Some of them are better placed in winter (Bernaise all 12 months) but that’s just a personal opinion. People should try green sauce (chimichurri) because it’s a refreshing pairing to steak.


 And here's how you can....

Method //

1. "Blitz ingredients one at a time in the order listed below."

2. "Add sea salt, sherry vinegar and pomace oil to desired taste and consistency."

3. Grab a spoon, and make that steak pop.

Ingredients //



For more on A Rule of Tum, or either of their awesome restaurants, visit their website here.

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