Food & Drink Friday, February 9th

End your Dry Jan in style with these 4 cocktails from around town

Food & Drink Friday, February 9th

End your Dry Jan in style with these 4 cocktails from around town

The first two weeks are the hardest. Remembering fondly the acceptable day-drinking of late-December, and faced with the realisation that, no, green tea doesn’t get any better the more your drink it, you contemplated throwing away your ten-and-half days of noble sobriety and going down the pub.

And then something changed. You woke up on a Sunday morning feeling like you could climb a mountain, instead feeling like you’ve been buried under one. Your whole weekend seemed a day longer. The birds sang and air felt fresher on your face. Maybe you looked in the mirror and noticed a new svelteness, or finally got a solid eight-hours of sound sleep.

Well, good for you.

Now it’s time to stop pretending you’re going to book that Moroccan yoga retreat next month, and rejoin normal civilisation. Down the pub.

But so you don’t feel all self-loathing about burning to the ground your new-found clarity – and you won’t, as soon as the first sip hits your lips – it might be an idea to do it with something slightly more worthy than a four-pack of warm Fosters from Morrisons.

To that end, we’ve found you four of the best new cocktails worked up by Hereford’s top mixologists with which to toast your anti-rehabilitation.

#1 Hell Fire @ The Beefy Boys


Everyone knows about the world-famous burgers, but the Meat Boutique has one of the best-stocked bars in town – and just launched a new cocktail menu designed by resident spirit-slinger Tom Evans, and featuring the Hell Fire.

What’s in it: Spiced rum, fig liqueur, lime, sugar, overproof rum and cinnamon.

Bio: From Tom – “I basically wanted to teach myself to to layer spirits and also wanted to experiment with flaming cocktails so I thought I’d try them both at the same time.

“I figured rum would be the best shout for a fiery drink with a tiki twist so used Old J Spiced, Crème de Figue and lime for a sweet-tasting base to the drink – added a Tiki Fire float to add some punch and give it the flaming element, then finished it off with cinnamon to balance the out and add that extra bit of flair.”

Where to get it: The Beefy Boys’ Meat Boutique, Old Market, Hereford, HR4 9HU – open until 9.30pm every day except Sun (closes 8pm).


#2 The Tiramisu @ Déjà Vu


Calling Connor Hart’s creations ‘cocktails’ is like saying Banksy’s pretty good at doodling. His Déjà Vu pop-ups have become a bit of sensation, with his lovingly-crafted cocktails taking centre-stage - and the wonderfully-indulgent rum-based Tiramisu has proved to be one of the biggest crowd-pleasers on his menu.

What’s in it: Golden aged rum, espresso, Licor 43, Disaronno, Kahlua and Austrian dark chocolate.

Bio: From Connor – “Tiramisu is one of my favourite desserts, so of course I had to try and turn it into a delicious elegant cocktail! After playing around with measurements and different ingredients I finally came to a recipe that is both stunning to look at and beautiful to drink.

“Golden aged rum is laced with fresh espresso. I then add some Licor 43, which is a Spanish vanilla liqueur, Disaronno, Mozart dark chocolate which is liqueur from Austria. I also add a hint of Kahlua to bring out the coffee flavour a bit more and then finish it off by adding some mascarpone. Shaken together, it truly is a spectacular cocktail.”

Where to get it: Keep an eye on the DV Facebook page here for Connor’s next event – coming soon.  


#3 The Rosemary Gibson @ Cellar Door


Flying the flag for fine dining, Cellar Door has a bar that goes toe-to-toe with its Masterchefs – knocking out fresh specials every week in the kind of dimly-lit, minimalist bar-restaurant so achingly cool it’s amazing it hasn’t been used in a George Clooney ad yet. Either grab a pre-dinner drink, or head down for a generous happy hour that offers half-price cocktails from 6pm – 9pm.

What’s in it: Broker’s gin, dry vermouth, rosemary, orange bitters, pinch of salt

Bio: From Carmen – “A slow-sipper, the Rosemary Gibson offers aromatic and earthy flavours in this beautifully sophisticated, stirred cocktail. Cellar Door, Hereford promotes locality and seasonality by using rosemary from the restaurant garden and homemade Orange Bitters.”

Where to get it: Cellar Door, Widemarsh St, Hereford, Hr4 9EA – open until 1am on weekends.


#4 The Mr or Mrs @ The Shack Revolution


Everyone’s favourite fun ‘n’ friendly pallet-clad pizza spot shakes up some of the best fruity cocktails around, using Chase’s world-renowned vodka. This is a slightly more decadent drink, perfect for the discerning date-nighter. You can grab cheap cocktails at the Shack on ‘£5 Fridays’ or learn to make them yourself with a masterclass in their private bar out the back available for party hire.

What’s in it: Kahlua, amaretto, cream coffee, cinnamon dash.

Where to get it: Shack Revolution, Bastion Mews, Hereford, HR1 2BT – open till late on Fridays and Saturdays.

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