Food & Drink Friday, October 13th Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: Jay Watson/Bill's Kitchen

Four favourite recipes from the master of Weekend Cooking

Food & Drink Friday, October 13th

Four favourite recipes from the master of Weekend Cooking

Don’t expect total cook times at the top of Bill Sewell’s recipes. They’re not from the bosh-a-bit-of-this-in Jamie Oliver School of 4-Minute Dinners, nor are they any relation to the kind of Facebook #FoodPorn videos filling up your news feed that involve bucketloads of orange-ish cheese being melted over 46 rashers of bacon and shaped in to some kind of gravity-defying heart attack.

No, these are the kind of meals you want to make time for.

Bill has. His latest book is twenty years and decade-long detour in to vegetarianism in the making. It’s the hand-crafted culmination of a long and celebrated career heading up famed and far-flung kitchens around the country – including All Saints in Hereford since the ‘90s – and in many ways kicks against this era of street food and meal prep.

In business, there’s an adage that the world wants things Good, Fast and Cheap – but, in reality, you’ve got to pick two. In the food world, too often, you’ve got settle for one, dust the McCrumbs off your shirt and move on.

This is something else. From West Indian Sunday Dinners to Hippy Stews for the 21st Century, Bill’s Kitchen is an anthology of recipes which bring people together – Weekend Cooking at its finest. And it's gone on sale today. Head across to Bill's website here to get a copy.

But first check out a sneak peak at four recipes from the book below.





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