Food & Drink Friday, August 12th Words by: Adam Knight

Wine in the park, Beefy Boys on the sofa - 'Deliveroo' rolls in to Hereford

Food & Drink Friday, August 12th

Wine in the park, Beefy Boys on the sofa - 'Deliveroo' rolls in to Hereford

‘Deliveroo’ – fun to say, fun to do.

What is it?

If you’ve ventured recently in to the bright lights of a big city, you may have noticed the blur of a bike courier flying past you at a traffic light with a massive blue-green box on his back like a manic, two-wheeled tortoise.

This is a Deliveroo.

In essence, they are a bicycle food delivery service that partner up with 'nice' restaurants . Launching today in Hereford, they pedal fresh-to-order food from the likes of Rule of Tum and King Street Café – and booze from the likes of Hereford Beer House – to your door in around half an hour. And when I say door, I mean pretty much anywhere.

Enjoying the sunshine in the park and want to a bottle of Noble And Wild’s finest Sauv Blanc delivered to you? No problem.

Don’t fancy the rugby club’s dubious-looking curry? Get a Beefy Boys burger sent down to you pitchside.

Cake Friday in the office? Have Tandem Bakery’s sponges pedalled to your boardroom in 30 mins. 


Starting life off in 2013 as a way to get top restaurants to deliver to late-night number-crunchers in Canary Wharf, ex-banker Will Shu’s now-£billion business has become a saviour to those who use their oven as storage space.

It works online, or – like most things – even better as a smartphone app. Once you sign up (for free) Deliveroo simply detects your location, and brings up a list of food and bev companies for you to peruse, along with an approximate delivery time.

Within minutes, one of Deliveroo’s army of thick-thighed bike couriers will be heading your way. You can watch them on your phone. You know, if you like that kind of thing.


Deliveroo is not entirely without controversy. Like with many courier companies, there have been recent protests over the decision to pay these tireless Deliveroo'ers purely per delivery and not an hourly rate. But with the company looking to recruit a fleet of around 50 over the next 12 months, it’s great news for anyone looking to earn some cash and sculpt their calves at the same time.

If you still reading this and haven't already opened a new page and started ordering, you can do that here - otherwise download the app and get cracking.

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