Food & Drink Thursday, September 7th Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: Herefordshire Live, Noun Project/Curve

Herefordshire Has The Cheapest Pint In the Whole Country

Food & Drink Thursday, September 7th

Herefordshire Has The Cheapest Pint In the Whole Country

The Good Pub Guide – as the name suggests – is the bible of the beer-swiller. It is the one true authority when it comes to that great British institution, the Public House.

And throughout the year it’s writers, editors and volunteers drag themselves tirelessly from black-and-white beamed bars to red-bricked watering hole, all in the name of producing their annual, definitive guide on the best pubs in Britain. It’s a hard job, and all that.

As part of their diligent note-taking – and the real ale brigade tend to be the type to enjoy a bit of diligent note-taking – they scribble down the prices of pints in each of the pubs they visit. Which means that every year, when the Good Pub Guide comes out (tomorrow, here – if you want a copy) us Herefordians get to laugh in to our HPAs about how much those shandy-drinking bankers in the South East shell out for their pints.

Well, this year it gets even better.

We get to laugh at everybody.


That’s right. Herefordshire has THE CHEAPEST PINT IN THE COUNTRY. An ale in this county will cost you just £3.31 a pint – more than a pound cheaper than Surrey, which has supplanted London as the most expensive place on the list.

(I mean, some might argue that paying an extra 109p-a-pint is actually a pretty reasonable trade-off for living somewhere where the median wage is less than London's was at the turn of the century,  but that's a whole other story)

The key to Herefordshire’s eminently affordable ale? It could be its thriving brewing culture.

According to the GPG, pubs that brew their own beer charge less than £3-a-pint – meaning that boutique breweries like Hereford Brewery (The Victory used to sell its Owd Bull for £1.20-a-pint during Happy Hour), taphouse pubs like Odyssey Brew Co’s Beer In Hand on Whitecross Road in Hereford, and of course the network of Wye Valley Brewery pubs which are spread across Herefordshire, help juice our numbers a little.

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 Pic: Facebook/Cottage of Content 

And the good news keeps coming. The Good Pub Guide also dishes out a load of awards in each edition, naming the country's best Wine Pubs, Town Pubs, Unspoilt Pubs and about every kind of pub you can imagine.

Appropriately, given its location in the rural idyll that is Herefordshire, the title of 2017 Country pub of the Year went to none other than The Cottage of Content in Carey.

Found to the south-east of Hereford, the medieval boozer was once three labourer’s cottages. If there was a Best Pub Name category, no doubt it’d run away with that as well.

Here’s what the Guide said:

Nicely tucked away in a tranquil spot near the River Wye, this medieval inn was once three labourers' cottages. The place has much character and you can be sure of a warm welcome from the helpful, friendly licensees. There's a multitude of beams and country furnishings such as stripped-pine kitchen chairs, long pews beside one big table and various old-fashioned tables on flagstones or bare boards. Hobsons Best and Wye Valley Butty Bach on handpump and local cider and perry during the summer; background music. Picnic-sets sit on the flower-filled front terrace and in the rural-feeling garden at the back. The bedrooms are quiet and the breakfasts, good.

We’ll try and catch up with the Cottage’s landlords for a chat about their award – but until then, you can take a look at their website here, or find them on Facebook here.

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Pic: Facebook/Cottage of Content 

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