Food & Drink Tuesday, December 22nd Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: Adam Knight

High steaks: REVEALED - Beefy Boys restaurant opening date

Food & Drink Tuesday, December 22nd

High steaks: REVEALED - Beefy Boys restaurant opening date

HAVING spent the last three weeks at Herefordshire Live Towers staring longingly at pictures of thick beef patties, dripping with cheese and mustard, the Beefy Boys have finally put us out of our misery.

Their shiny, new restaurant – which we previewed in our two-part oral history here and here – has finally got an official launch date.

The Beefy Boys’ restaurant will open on Hereford’s Old Market on December 28, just in time for meat fans to refill their turkey-stretched stomachs.

Ran by four local lads who have clambered to the top of the burger world, the restaurant will showcase good ol' American Style BBQ and burgers using meat from good ol’ Hereford.

Fans of the foursome may also notice characters from their debut feature film – shot whilst at the World Food Championships last year – popping up throughout the restaurant and its menu, including the ‘Psycho Griller’ Tarby’s Barby, who boast his own bottled IPA.

Stay tuned for more info, as well as a review of the Beefy Boys film closer to the restaurant’s launch.

For now, just look at this picture and try not to get hungry…



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