Food & Drink Wednesday, May 10th Words by: Liz Knight, pictures by: Forage Fine Foods

How to Make: Homemade Apple Blossom Martini

Food & Drink Wednesday, May 10th

How to Make: Homemade Apple Blossom Martini

Apple blossoms have done their job, they’ve attracted pollinators and all over Herefordshire tiny apples are starting to form.

Now that the blossoms have started to fall, they have one last delicious use...

Apple blossoms hold in them a bitter grapefruit flavour; I’ve had a bit of a thing for them this year; I’ve pickled the buds, made a salt with them and used it to make gravlax, apple county style.

Now in a final farewell to the falling blossoms, I’m drinking them in a cocktail which waves good by to spring and says hello to summer..

Apple Blossom Martini

Pack a jar with apple blossoms and cover them with a good quality gin. Leave to infuse for a few hours, strain the gin and build your cocktail.

If you’re a purist then stick to four parts gin, one part vermouth, but this is how I make my adulterated and If I may say so, delicious version:

1. Chill your glass.

2. Mix 1 part apple blossom infused gin with 2 parts vermouth (I use a dry wild vermouth with a splash of white wine, but that’s the kind of girl I am). Pour into a chilled glass and wipe the rim with slice of grapefruit skin.

3. Garnish with blossoms.

4. Find a billowing apple tree and sit under it, quaffing your drink as blossoms fall all around you.


This weekend sees a Wild Springtime Feast in Longtown, Herefordshire. A three-course dinner, followed by live music courtesy of Kizzy Crawford, there'll be blossom-infused edibles on the menu, including apple blossom salt cured mackerel and apple blossom ice cream.

Read more at See the menu here.

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