Food & Drink Tuesday, July 19th Words by: Lauren Rogers, pictures by: Lauren Rogers

Mother's Ruin: 100+ gins on offer at new Hogarths pub in Hereford

Food & Drink Tuesday, July 19th

Mother's Ruin: 100+ gins on offer at new Hogarths pub in Hereford

Hereford's new Hogarths pub - now open - has 125 gins behind the bar. Yep, 125.

Sandwiched between Yates and the Kings Fee on Commercial Road, the Amber Taverns-owned "gin palace" doesn't have the low ceilings and dark corners you normally associate with Victorian gin dens.

Instead it's clean, wide and crisp with painted wood decking and big TV screens in the Strongbow-sponsored garden.  

From July 18, the pub will offer gin tasting trays (£25, 5 different gins, 5 different tonics) and the bar will open until 2am at weekends.

On first impression the place has a Wetherspoons-vide (no bad thing), and the garden (complete with apple trees) could become the place to watch live sports in summer. 

Managers Jason and Shirley, who've come to Hereford after running pubs in the Black Country, were welcoming, and the bar staff looked like they knew how to use a cocktail shaker.

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Hogarths is the top end of various brands owned by Amber Taverns, and it's been expanding. There are seven now dotted around the UK, having first opened in Swansea.

Talking about its expansion in pub industry mag The Morning Advertiser last year, Amber Taverns' MD James Baer said: "They are still very much Amber pubs and while the gin is a big part of the character of the pub, we are still serving the traditional favourites and we still have the live sports."

In Hereford city, it's the latest in a line of new openings.

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Originally published on July 16

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