Food & Drink Saturday, March 17th

The 9 stouts you should try instead of Guinness this Paddy's Day

Food & Drink Saturday, March 17th

The 9 stouts you should try instead of Guinness this Paddy's Day

We like Guinness. Actually, we love Guinness (especially at £1.95 a pint).

And we love Paddy's Day. In fact, along with Pancake Day it's basically our favourite non-Christmas holiday. Yes, including Easter.

But here's the thing; you're not Irish. And even if you were, you're not duty-bound to stick to The Black Stuff from Dublin when it comes to your celebrations today. This is a free country. There are so many great stouts and porters doing the rounds at the moment - several of which being brewed in and around Herefordshire. 

We got some of Hereford's tap-houses and micro-breweries to pick their favourites for you - so this Paddy's Day, pull on your novelty top hat, blaze your own trail, or least get your lips around one of these in between whiskeys.

From Beer Revolution, Hay-on-Wye

1. Cafe Mocha coffee stout | Lucky 7 Beer Co, Hay on Wye | 6.7%

"Lucky 7 is our most local brewery, literally 500 yards from the front door of the shop. Cafe Mocha is rich and luxurious with a big - but not overpowering - coffee hit. Some of this batch is biding its time in wood for a barrel-aged release later this year. 


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2. Black Ops bourbon barrel aged imperial stout | Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn, NY | 10.7%

"Such a secret beer, Brooklyn deny it even exists! The surprise with this one is the surprisingly light mouthfeel, thanks in no small part to the secondary fermentation with champagne yeast." 

3. Milkshake Stout | Wiper and True, Bristol | 5.6%.

"We’ve stocked this beer constantly since we opened three years ago, it’s so memorable that customers ask for it time again. It’s sweet, rich and creamy.  A real pudding beer - or an alternative to your bedtime cocoa!"

Try them here.

From Swan Brewery, Leominster

4. Black Swan | Swan Brewery, Leominster | 4.5%

"We have one stout which we have brewed and it is a belter!  It's called Black Swan - of course - and it is a roasted coffee stout.  A very small amount of Guatemalan coffee from Herefordshire's Method Roastery is added to lift the inherent coffee profile that you’d find in a stout due to the dark, roasted malts.

You can try it at the Fox and Hounds, Lulsey; The Church Inn, Ludlow; Artisan Ales, Ludlow; Crown Inn Dilwyn; Black Swan, Much Dewchurch; Queens Arms, Bromyard - or buy bottles from the brewery shop, info here.


From Hereford Beer House

5. Black House Oatmeal Coffee Stout | Modern Times, San Diego USA | 5.8%

"From one of our favourite breweries in San Diego - who are also one of the only breweries in the world to roast their own coffee. Big hits of coffee and bitter chocolate without being too heavy.

6. Highland Imperial Stout, aged in Scotch Whisky barrels | Buxton | 10.5%

"A big decadent stout, peaty, oaky with plenty of roasted character and whisky notes. Sip slowly and let it’s flavour change as it warms."

Try them here.

From Wobbly Brewing Co

7. Crow stout | Wobbly Brewing Company Ltd, Hereford | 4.3%

Like the feather from the crow, our stout is dark and glossy with a perfectly balanced taste. At the moment is our 'standard' stout, however, we are just in the process to have it Nitro dosed, this will then give our craft stout that cascade effect.

Try it at the brewery today - they've got a big screen up for the rugby and are serving beers from £2 a pint.


From Hillside Brewery

8. Severn Surge porter | Hillside Brewery, Wye Valley | 5.4%

"Using 7 types of malt, this modern-style porter has a complex roasted character, and a dark berry aroma."

9. Over The Hill dark mild | Hillside Brewery, Wye Valley | 3.5%

"A full bodied, single-hop, malty dark mild, with bramling cross hops complementing a cocoa & roasted malt character"

You can try both at the Longhope brewery today, which is throwing its doors open for the Six Nations and hosting a lie band later.

More on Hillside Brewery here.

From Beer in Hand, Hereford

"At the moment we only have Tiny Rebel's Morning Glory (4% breakfast stout) on at the moment, but there’s about 5 pints left! Other than that no stouts. Plenty of IPA though..."

You can find Beer In Hand stuff here.

morning glory


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