Food & Drink Sunday, August 5th , pictures by: Tile image by HerefordshireLive/Sensory&Rye

The Best Sunday Brunch Spots In Herefordshire

Food & Drink Sunday, August 5th

The Best Sunday Brunch Spots In Herefordshire

Yesterday was National Avocado Day – although to be fair, I think that nation was America – nevertheless, it seems as good a reason as any to celebrate arguably the avocado pear’s greatest stage in public life: the Sunday brunch.

Another concept ostensibly borrowed from the Yanks, and since adopted in every British city with a barista, brunch is effectively a catch-all term for ‘a late and lengthy breakfast which is socially acceptable to drink at’.

It is the spiritual home of avocado toast and the last refuge of newspapers. It works better on Sundays than Saturdays, and better still in the summer months. It offers not just bacon grease to ease your hangover, but Bloody Marys, mimosas or just a steaming coffee poured from a chrome-plated machine behind the counter. It is the only time you can eat pancakes outside of that one day in early-March.


Whether shared with friends, or family or the one person you want to split spinach omelettes with for the rest of your life, Sunday brunch is simply two hours in a 168-hour week where you’re not in a rush, the food is good, the coffee strong, and Monday’s workload just far enough over the horizon for you to ignore it entirely.

Sounds good, huh?

Here are some of the best places to brunch in Herefordshire*.

(*Before you @ me, by nature, they have to be open on a Sunday to make the list.)


For the eggs

The Nest – just outside Ledbury

10am – 4pm

With a name like that, you know you’re going to get a decent egg.

But with the Nest is also home to the famous Handmade Scotch Egg Co, they’re actually somewhat experts when it comes to cooking them – which might be why there’s nine styles to choose from, as well as a fairy frittata and a brunch special on grilled prosciutto.

Inside it’s all lo-fi cosiness, with well-used pine tables and atmosphere, and outside there’s a covered veranda and fresh air seating for the summer months.

Big on fresh and local, the Nest is also fully licensed if you fancy something stronger than a coffee, but not so strong as to inhibit you drive home.

Find them here.

For the coffee (and your Insta)


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Sensory + Rye - Hereford

10am – 3pm

For a while it felt like all the best cafés in town took Sundays off, and then, like bruleed oats from the Gods, S+R translated their occasional Sunday feasts in to a more permanent fixture.

They pour the best coffee in town, squeezing a whole lotta love out of Method Roastery beans in a variety of creative ways, each of which will guarantee to make great content for you Insta story. Lets start there.

Then there’s the space, a former butchers, which feels like nowhere else east of Bristol, and with a newly-refurbed urban garden out back you can now take your pick from inside or outside, longer tables, breakfast bars or low-lit table-for-twos around the corner from the open kitchen.

What comes out of that kitchen has the uncanny ability of tasting as good as the elaborate lists of ingredients sound, and as the carefully-balanced plates look. And for just £11pp you can now get set menu that fully reclaims the term continental; a whistlestop tour of everything from Scandi-style smoked mackerel and potato rosti, to avocado and Emmental, to croissants, to good ol’ eggs and bacon.

If you’re a vegan, they have an option so good you’ll forget all those times you’ve had to order a ‘full English, but no bacon or eggs. Or sausage. No, no black pudding. Oh, just give some toast, dry.” If you’re not, check out the breakfast bowls for something lighter, or the pancakes if you’re a kid or have a kid, or just if you used to be a kid.

Find them here.


For the views 

 River Café – Glasbury

Breakfast 8.30am – 11am, followed by a lunch service at midday.

One of longtime Sunday Times restaurant critic AA Gill’s favourite spots when he was in the area, the food’s great – the view’s better. The café is attached to a canoe rental shop, and with its outdoor decked terrace quite literally looking out on to river you’re in the perfect spot whether you want to work up an appetite with a quick paddle, or just watch the swans go by over coffee and croissants.

The spot is green and peaceful and forgiven for being just the wrong side of the Welsh border. Inside, the space is light and modern with stripped wood and huge windows making the most of the view – and the menu is full with the names of boutique-y local producers, from Trealy Farm charcuterie, to Neal’s Yard Creamery, to TyGwyn cider.

(Also their ‘bunkhouse’ accommodation is perfect if you fancy turning one brunch in to a weekend getaway for a group).

Find them here.


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De Koffie Pot – Hereford

From 9am

Another riverside location, the huge courtyard with its long bench seating is a mid-morning suntrap if you need a little vitamin D to get your Sunday started. The converted boathouse feels warm and friendly and a little Dutch with its vintage bicycles and hanging baskets and waffles.

The coffee and teas are blended closer to home however (Peter James and Trumpers – both from Herefordshire) or there’s bars inside and out, which may themselves have been the cause of any hangover you’re seeking to exorcise. The food is brought out on vintage plates at leisurely pace - perfect for Sundays - and while there’s a range of vegan and gluten-free options, their full English is as good as any around town.

If you feel the need to walk it off after, there’s an easy loop that crosses the bridge follows the river and comes back via the Victoria Bridge and the cathedral.

Find them here.


For the booze

Gilbies – Hereford

10am – 12.30pm

There’s going to have to be a point where I stop referring to Gilbies as Hereford’s Best Kept Secret, but goddammit, I’m a sucker for a secret courtyard. It’s quaint and cute and cool all at the same time, and with the trees growing out of the pavement it almost feels a little like Neal’s Yard in London (different to the creamery near Hay).

But it makes the list because of a menu that caters perfectly and simultaneously for those looking for a boozy brunch, and post-booze brunch and a Don’t Booze brunch.

You’ve got smashed avos bagels, steak ‘n’ eggs, chorizo-baked eggs and something called ‘breakfast fries’. You’ve got French toast and freshly-made banana porridge. But the star attraction is undoubtedly the lefthandside of the menu which features Bloody Mary, a ‘spiked’ ice coffee and prosecco three ways.

And for just £15 you can make any of those ‘bottomless’. YOLO.

Find them here.

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