Food & Drink Thursday, August 23rd

The one-off special that makes us wish every day was National Burger Day

Food & Drink Thursday, August 23rd

The one-off special that makes us wish every day was National Burger Day

As the kids say, burgers are lyfe. And despite the fact that reportedly only one in five Millennials have ever eaten Big Mac, it’s a great time to be in the burger business. Why? In part, because those same people shunning Ronald McDonald’s iconic double-decker are picking up something with a little more meat to it, and a lot more love.

And as Hereford’s name is synonymous with the beef the makes the patty that makes the burger, it only follows that some of the best examples of what you can do between two halves of a sliced bun are happening right here. If you haven’t read it yet, check out this piece from yesterday on the Beefy Boys’ run to the World Food Championships – and the resultant film that followed. Now we’re catching up with the Beatles to their Stones, one of the chefs from the Rule of Tum team that runs the Burger Shop on Aubrey Street.

Especially for National Burger Day (today), resident meat genius and Burger Shop chef, Mike (@braisedandconfused_uk) has pulled out a little something special for you all – a beef shin Sloppy Joe, complete with a Farmer Tom patty, smoked cheddar, beef shin chilli, sour cream and chive, coriander, scotch bonnets, lime, shredded iceberg and a challah bun.

In between throwing all that together yesterday, he was able to answer a few questions for us. If you’re not already halfway to Aubrey St after reading that description (you can get 20% off for National Burger Day if you get a voucher  - instructions here), then read on for some burgerly wisdom.


Not counting the Burger Shop – what’s the best burger you’ve ever had/the one you're going to remember when 102-years-old and living off rice pudding?

The burgers at O.P.M in Birmingham are pretty good.


What’s the most under-rated ingredient in the burger world?

Iceberg lettuce.


Any (simple) tips/words of wisdom for people busting out their BBQs this weekend?

Get everything ready the night before, making salads and coleslaws whilst messing around with raw meat doesn’t really cut the mustard. Have the oven on ready - you never know if it will rain, and make sure you have a table next to the bbq with everything you need to cook on it along with utensils, you don’t want to be running around - you need to be controlling the BBQ.


Philosophically, what’s the difference between a burger and hot sandwich? (and why is it that burgers are just inextricably better?)

A sandwich has butter, a burger doesn’t, and burgers are better because people are pushing the whole concept of them these days, the different styles and ethos’ going in to developing them, from the novel and frivolous to the honest and hearty.


Money’s no object. What’s the most extravagant, bouji ingredient you’d like to try out in a burger?

Foie Gras. On top of a really aged meat patty, maybe a lobster claw tempura to make it a kind of “surf N turf” burger. Come to think of it, I might make it some time.


Rank the following flip 'em and shift 'em fast food favourites: Maccies, Burger King, KFC?

Not a fan of any of those would rather go to the Beefy Boys , Sam at the Grub Shed or eat the plant based menu at the Firefly. Support the local independent guys.


How many months/years/decades are we from plant-based burgers taking over?

Probably not that long. Plant-based food is evolving pretty fast and I’m amazed at some of the stuff I have tried, I’m interested to see what’s gonna happen next. It’s an exciting world we live in.

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