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Your new favourite pub: the Firefly in Hereford

Food & Drink Friday, May 27th

Your new favourite pub: the Firefly in Hereford

Published April 4, 2016

“That’s the spot where the Street Fighter arcade game’s going to be,” Ray says as we pass a mounted goat's head, currently propped up on a chair in the recently-emptied front room of what was The Orange Tree.

You get the impression that in The Firefly – opening on the 28th – Hereford’s getting the kind of pub it hasn’t seen before.

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Over at Live HQ, when we first heard that Worcester’s Best Pub* was opening a watering hole in Hereford, we were more than a little interested.

Matt Pugh and Ray Velasquez run The Firefly in Worcester - a pub that has long hung it’s hat on craft beers, great music and the odd deer’s head on the wall.

And the duo – currently stripping down and refitting the beleaguered Orange Tree on King Street – have more of the same planned for the Hereford’s own Firefly.

(*This is an unofficial title bestowed upon The Firefly in Worcester by our editor, Lauren Rogers who – by nature of a long career in journalism, a career that will turn you in to a drinker if you weren’t one to begin with – knows a good pub when she drinks in one.)

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For more than ten years Matt (‘Pughy’, second pic) has steered the ship at the popular Lowesmoor boozer, with Ray – a Sydney native – joining more recently to manage it.

And everything about their pitch points towards this latest incarnation quickly becoming the newest, achingly cool, cornerstone of a part of town that is already home to the Burger Shop and Hereford Beer House.

The sixteen-tap bar will see a rotating cast of local and local(ish) ciders, Belgian lagers and craft beers from the likes of the Beavertown Brewery.

For food, at least initially, the guys will be enlisting the culinary talents of streetfood specialists Mad Snacks – who do burritos and tostadas, just like mamá used to make.

And while the guys are trying to work out how best to host live bands, there will be a ready supply of indie music coming out of the soundsystem.

You can follow the team’s progress here and here, ahead of their Bank Holiday weekend launch later this month, and hear more from them in the latest edition of our ‘How Not To P—s Off Your’ series next week.

If your appetite needs whetting any further,  this is what the original Firefly in Worcester looks like on Insta:



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