Festivals Sunday, July 10th Words by: Adam Knight

Hereford Indie Food 2017: Makers + Producers

Festivals Sunday, July 10th

Hereford Indie Food 2017: Makers + Producers

There'll be a pop-up market at Hereford Indie Food 2017. Some make food things, some just make things. All of them are worth your time. 

Here's a run down of who can meet over the weekend.

Food Things

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Jake’s Cured Meats – Pepperoni’s for grown-ups. Jake rears and raises the animals himself before turning them in to meat sticks that will power you up a mountain. Or just sort you out if you’re feeling hungry.

Neal’s Yard Creamery – You know how the Greeks have cornered the yoghurt market in the last 12 months? Well, Neal’s Yard from Dorstone were the first to make it in the UK. They also sell indulgent creams and creamy cheeses from cows and goats alike.

Forage Fine Foods – Liz Knight (no relation) can knock up a three-course meal out of the weeds in your garden. Well not quite, but she does make incredible sauces and spices from plants she has foraged around Herefordshire.

Alex Gooch, Artisan Baker – The man’s sourdough is legendary. And, on the video on his website, he kneads it with a brooding intensity you just don’t get from most bakers.

Tigg’s Dressing and Sauces – ‘Shaking up the dressing world’ (geddit?) Tigg’s are an all-natural and all-amazing range of sauces. The bright orange in particular will make your salad pop.

Seb’s Organics – The man behind all the delicious veggies used at the Bookshop and the Burger Shop – and the producer of the best damn asparagus I’ve ever eaten.

Peter Cooks Bread – With a name like that this master baker was always going to end up in the food biz. The duo behind Bishops Frome-based PCB bake and teach you how to bake ‘real bread’ from rye sourdoughs to Malthouse cider crumbs. They used to provide the brioche buns for the Beefy Boys so you know it's good.

Trealy Farm Charcuterie – Another local farming firm proving charcuterie is not the preserve of garlic munchers from across the Channel. Trealy Farm will cure, smoke or air-dry anything that moves.

Gregg’s Pit Cider & Perry – Subscribing to the theory that good things come in small batches, Gregg’s Pit make incredible cider from an orchard that’s been dropping apples since George III was on the throne.

Little Pomona Cidery – This north Herefordshire boutique cider company takes its name from the Roman God of fruit trees and bills itself as cider for grown ups. Warning, if you have too many bottles of their 7.2%er you might find yourself praying to the Roman god of hangovers come Sunday.

Other Things

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Field and Found – Handmade and handloved in Herefordshire, Field and Found’s range of artisan attire looks like an advert for the WW2 Land Army if it had been shot by Jean-Luc Godard.

Joel Black Knives – To paraphrase Crocodile Dundee: “You call that a knife? JOEL’S CLEAVER is a knife.” Beautiful and badass in equal measure, these knives are special and used by top chefs across the country.

Bardot Living – Throws and hangings so stylish and soft Brigitte herself would’ve put her name to them.

Single Malt Teapot – Maybe the best indie band name never used, Single Malt Teapot in in fact an incredibly talented wood carver from the Brecon Beacons who specialises in spoons and pots.

Steve Meek Ceramics – Ross’ Steve Meek whips up gorgeous espresso cups and saki bottles from nothing but  a spinning wheel of clay. Go ahead, treat your table.


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