Festivals Friday, May 4th

Lineup Breakdown: What you need to know about Big Love 2018

Festivals Friday, May 4th

Lineup Breakdown: What you need to know about Big Love 2018

Big Love – the answer to the question ‘what would happen if you gave a load of top nightclub promoters a stately home for three days?’ – is back at Clyro on May 4.

While it is technically a festival, it’s a whole different enchilada to the 5,000-people-in-a-field set-up more commonly-associated with the term.

Baskerville Hall, for all its grandeur, has a more relevant recent history as the home of some pretty epic raves back when rave music was in the first time around. Promoters from the likes of Delete in Cardiff took that and ran with the idea.

The result, Big Love, is now this friendly, wild and wildly unique three-day party that takes over the outer reaches of the wooded grounds, the indoor swimming pool and every room in between.

The musical line-up was just released, and here’s what you need to know.

Headliners in three words

Joy Orbison – Black t-shirt house

Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club – Sunglasses at night

Oh My God! It’s The Church – Answering your prayers


Potential defining moment

15 seconds in to Hyph Mngo, after the syths kick in but before the drumline, when you feel the whole crowd lift as one.

Or just the moment you find out how to get to the indoor pool.

Set to ease you through your hangover

While Big Love’s calling card is the late-night scene – the fingerprints of Bristol and Cardiff’s premiere partystarters are all over the festival – there’s a load of folky stuff on the bill as well, if that’s your thing. There’s a Swedish Americana band who look faintly Amish and a bit more white reggae and flat caps than you might expect.

But it’s hard to beat some soulful, throwback hip-hop when you’re feeling a little jaded – something Because We Can’s DJs have become pretty well known for. Check out this from  Janeen Beanz

 Show you’re going to want to be down the front for

Oh my God! It’s the Church. Because this:

(Honourable mention: Craig Charles.)


Band/DJ you’ve never heard of but are your favourite band/DJ

The best thing about Big Love is that at this festival, this could be anyone. Promoters like Delete, Bodywork and Because We Can carve up parts of the lineup and bring their stable of DJs with them - most of whom you probably don’t know, all of whom can get things moving.

But that said, get yourself to AAA Badboy’s set. He’s head of music at the iconic, arguably-best-festival-in-the-country Boomtown, but also spins under the moniker Triple-A Badboy – a nod to his security clearance at Boomtown.

If anyone knows how to get a festival bouncing, it’s this guy.

Also, if you like deep house, check out Bodhi, if you like soft-singing sisters covering Gloria Gaynor, check out Xylaroo, and if you like outstanding DJ names, check out Neil F*cking Young.

Best throwback name on the bill

Musically, there’s not the massive wave of 90s nostalgia that you see at other festivals – although the venue itself is a brick and mortar version of those good old days.

For all those Bristolians out there though, ex-Kosheen singer Sian Evans is doing a solo set with her new backing band – none of which, I’d imagine think Airwalk trainers are acceptable.

The novelty act that will 100% make your Instagram story

Vibe Roulette is a storied party night the roams the country getting the crowd to help select the tunes via a giant roulette wheel. The way it works is the crowd helps pick the genre, and the DJ has to make it mix. Loadsa fun/mashup potential.


Also, The Organ Grinder's really good, but I didn't have a section for him. Have a listen here though.

For more info about Big Love, and to buy tickets - head to the website here.

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