Festivals Tuesday, August 7th

Lineup Breakdown: What you need to know about Lakefest 2018

Festivals Tuesday, August 7th

Lineup Breakdown: What you need to know about Lakefest 2018

For four days every summer thousands gather for the family-friendly mass denial of dubstep that is Lakefest. It celebrates all things guitar-y, and has been known to feature ferris wheels and bmx exhibitions.

The 2018 lineup is again heavy on the nostalgia, bringing you at least three songs that were at some point in your life Your Absolute Favourite Song. Here's what to look out for at Eastnor, August 9 - 12.

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Headliners in three words

The Waterboys - 80s lunar-inspired folk-rock

The Darkness - Argos dad rock

The Proclaimers - "...GET UP NOW"

Potential defining moment

Peter Hook playing Love Will Tear Us Apart.

A lot’s happened since that battered-up door swung open and Ian Curtis spoke his soul, eyes closed and barely moving, into his mic, flanked in some empty warehouse by Hooky et al. But let’s not kid ourselves, 39 years later and that track is without doubt still one of the best British songs ever written.

Given what has happened since, hearing the Joy Division bassist pick up his old mate’s vocal and take on the track with his own Salford snarl – that’d be pretty hard to top.

That said, if the sun comes out on Sunday, and you’ve had a few Strongbow Dark Fruits, and you’ve got all your mates around you I’ve also got a feeling that being part of 2,000-strong sing-a-long to Dancing In The Moonlight is going to be what you remember in five years’ time.

Wait, did I just put Ian Curtis and Toploader in the same section? Jesus.


Set to ease you through your hangover

For this section, you want something smiley-enough to chase away the clouds (thing brass section), but lively enough to get your moving again (reggae/ska beats are perfect).

To that end look no further than festival legends The Cracked - who strike just the right balance between world/latin beats and not having whiteboy dreadlocks - orfor a bit more stomp, The Dub Pistols.

You're might be moremore familiar with their work from behind a mixing desk, or their tracks on Tony Hawk 2 and Fifa, but their live show translates their big beat sound to a live setting with an infectious energy that will do you better than any can of Red Bull.


Performance you’re going to want to be down the front for

He might never have quite penned his Urban Hymns, but check out Reverend & The Makers' performance at Reading above and tell me Jon McClure doesn’t have Ashrcoftian levels of swagger.

They might’ve stripped things back for their last album, but if the Sheffield band rip through the old classics, get ready to feel the floor shake. Live, these boys can rock and roll.


Band you’ve never heard of but are now your favourite band

The Farm. We might be denying one of the kids on the BBC Introducing Stage some shine here (we definitely are) but I stand by my choice.

For an overwhelming majority of people outside of the North West, The Farm are known only for their Not Quite Three Lions But Still Really Good official 2004 World Cup song All Together Now. This seems grossly unfair for a band who seem to find the production of feel-good, uplifting Madchester anthems almost effortless.

Head down for a boogie.


Best throwback name on the bill

All of them?

This is a category we have on all out Lineup Breakdowns, but seeing as all the big hitters on the bill are famous for stuff they did somewhere between 10 and 40 years ago, take your pick.

We’ll go Mel C, though. She seems lovely.


Novelty act that will end up on your Instagram story


The Darkness.

Also, I’m sure half of Fife would walk 500 miles down here to cave my head in if they heard the Proclaimers being referred to as a Novelty Act, but me including them here has as much to do with the crowd reaction to their big hit as it has with the band themselves.

If you’ve ever been to a wedding and the DJ has played ‘500 miles’ you’ll know that the instant and unanimous reaction to this chorus is to start beaming like an idiot while fake-marching on the spot and singing the lyrics in your best staccato Billy Connolly accent.

Everyone does it. It’s basically Agadoo with a better guitar riff. It’s also a All Time Top 40 Drinking Song. And if you happen to be near the main stage when it comes on, we both know you’re going to be filming a crowd 500+ boozed-up, fake Scotsmen together marching as one.


For the full lineup - and to buy tickets - visit the official Lakefest site here. 

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