News Wednesday, March 1st

Stump up £1: Hereford River Carnival has launched a crowdfunder campaign

News Wednesday, March 1st

Stump up £1: Hereford River Carnival has launched a crowdfunder campaign

People scoffed when hipster brothers started a £60,000 crowdfunding campaign to open a London cafe serving only cereal. Then the much-maligned but awesomely named Cereal Killer Café opened for business, and the only scoffing being done was by the hordes of punters tucking into Sugar Puffs in the East End eaterie.

Ok, in truth that crowdfunder failed and bearded brothers Alan and Gary Keery took more than their fair share of flack, but the Kickstarter garnered enough publicity for the pair to make a ridiculous living from Crunchy Nut and Pop-Tarts.

Despite the failures - buying One Direction, sending a Tardis into space, trying to get Danny Dyer to come to a 30th birthday party come to mind, crowdfunding has given us a run of success stories. The Pebble smartwatch, the Veronica Mars movie, and Oculus Rift Virtual Reality were all funded through the power of asking a large number of people for a small amount of money rather than asking a small number for a large amount (hello bank loans etc).

There's every reason why Hereford River Carnival would want to dip a toe in the water and ask everyone planning to attend the 2017 carnival to donate £1.

Volunteer organisers said that is how they'll be able to raise the £30,000 needed to keep the free community festival going. Begging, borrowing and relying on big donations is no longer sustainable.

"For the past three years a bunch of almost bonkers and largely unfunded volunteers has put on the Hereford River Carnival and drawn crowds of up to 15,000 people to our free to enter event,” they said in a statement.

"This year promises to be even bigger and better. We don't charge anything for all of this. We are totally reliant on donations on the day and any grants and sponsorship we can drum up. But it's getting harder and harder and more and more people are coming."

"Please give generously so that the mayor doesn't have to drag the floats upstream again this year. With your help, we'll have a pontoon to set the floats off from."

As well as a pontoon on the Wye, the £30k would pay for marketing, licences and the yet-to-be-revealed street activities planned for the Friday night. All we know about the latter right now is that it’ll involve mythical beasts roaming from Hereford Cathedral to Bishop's Meadow where the carnival proper takes place on Saturday, April 29.

You can pledge support (and a hard earned £1) to the Hereford River Carnival here.  

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Tile and banner photos: Paul Jackson

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