News Thursday, August 18th

News roundup: Hereford man's #RogueOneWish goes viral

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  • Seen the #RogueOneWish hashtag? That's for Hereford man Neil Hanvey, awesome illustrator and a colleague of ours here at Herefordshire Live. Neil was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few months back. Friends and family are now campaigning to help Neil, a massive Star Wars fan, see the Rogue One movie ahead of general release in December. Seeing as Lucasfilm is no stranger to giving out early screenings, there's a good chance it'll happen. Get involved by using the hashtag #RogueOneWish.

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  • The animal cruelty accusation made against South Herefordshire Hunt early this year has raised its head again. This week, a woman from Abergavenny and a man from Powys were arrested. West Mercia Police are examining footage taken by anti-hunt activists that allegedly shows foxes being taken to a hunt kennel to be killed.

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