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News roundup: badger cull extends into Herefordshire

  • England's controversial badger cull will be extended into Herefordshire, according to the BBC. Defra hasn't confirmed or denied whether the culling programme, which already takes place in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Devon, was expanding but those against it, including the RSPCA, claim there are "better ways" to tackle bovine TB, reportedly spread by the wild animals. According to the BBC, the shooting of badgers will begin in south Herefordshire in early September.

Herefordshire News. Photo from Frack Off our Forest, Facebook.

  • There's been a public protest against fracking in the Forest of Dean. Anti fracking protesters held a meeting at Symonds Yat Rock, just over the Herefordshire border, last weekend (Aug 20). Southwestern Energy is currently seeking permission to look for oil and gas in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean area, and the Don’t Frack the Shires group claims that could result in serious harm to the environment. What is fracking? Read this.

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Tile: Peter Trimming, via Flickr

Fracking protest: Frack Off Our Forest, via Facebook


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