Hot Lists Sunday, November 12th

11 events you should check out at Hay Festival's Winter Weekend

Hot Lists Sunday, November 12th

11 events you should check out at Hay Festival's Winter Weekend

It's Winter Weekend time, the little brother to Hay Festival's world-famous literary festival. From 23 - 26 November the border town is taken over with workshops, talks and vintage stalls.

There's a kid-friendly hotlist coming later this week - but for everyone old enough to buy cigarettes, here's our guide to what's happening told through 2017 pop culture references.

For info on the best ways to get to Hay-on-Wye, click here.


For 'It' fans 


Pennywise – the small-town terrorising, sewer-dwelling clown from Stephen King’s It – was the unlikely star of this summer’s cinema.

Owen King is the son of It-creator, and horror-thriller-drama legend, Stephen, and the two have collaborated on a book about a virus that encases the women of another smalltown America in cocoons, turning them in to man-murdering zombies it they are cut free. Sounds fun, right?

Fill your King fix here at Hay as Owen talks about Sleeping Beauties.  

When Thurs, 6pm

Where Swan Ballroom



For fans of Ziggy Stardust


An enigmatic legend, at once both overtly public and guardedly private, responsible for redefining the idea of masculine identity... Dylan Jones is a former GQ editor. Jk.

David Bowie is in many ways the best-known icon we know the least about. And now he’s no longer here to tell us himself, Jones – a Hay native – has put together an aural history, recording accounts of the man by 180 “friends, rivals and lovers”. Expect stories, music and film clips.

When Saturday, 7pm

Where The Auditorium



For fans (?) of #MeToo


Weinstein may have been the first domino to fall, but Fallon followed and then Spacey now supposed feminist champion and stand up king of kings, father of daughters, Louis CK, has become the latest public figure to be made, in the most public way, to pay the piper. Where will it end? Or, indeed will it end?

Laurie Penny will doubtless have some insight in to both questions, as a feminist commentator whose long-held beliefs are the type that get even your most eloquent interviews on Channel 4 cut in to three-minute ‘Social Justice Warrior Debunked’ videos on Youtube by 18-stone, hairy-palmed blokes with access to ClipArt.

Her book, The Bitch Doctrine, is as good as any starting point for imagining a remade world in light of #MeToo.

When Saturday, 10pm

Where Swan Ballroom



For fans of The Deuce


If all the 70s swag of Sky Atlantic’s The Deuce has you on the lookout for a mink coat or pimp cane this winter, Hay Does Vintage might be the best place to find one. Or some retro kitchenware. Or the kind of denim Springteen wrote born to run in.

A one-day vintage market that runs alongside the Winter Weekend, HDV brings some of the top vintage sellers in the area to Hay. 

When Sunday, 10.30am

Where Market Square car park

More info.


For fans of Blue Planet


Every year or so, for around six weeks, the UK becomes lost in the majesty of nature, as David Attenborough’s latest series takes us to parts of the world or depths of the ocean you’re probably not going to see in your 21 days of annual leave. Or at least not this year.

If Blue Planet sparked your imagination, you need to check out these talks; one is a conversation with Eden Project co-founder Andy Fryers about his plans to rolls the project out across the globe, another looks at an archipelago slightly closer to home – with Patrick Barkham telling the story of the islands of Great Britain, and the islanders, puffins and nuns that live there, and a third is about a guy called 'Horatio' who toured Finland on an ice-breaker boat.

When Various

Where Various

Tickets here, here and here.


For fans of The Knick


There’s a reason medical operations are done in ‘theatres’.

If you needed something stitched up or cut out of you in the early-1900s, chances are it would be done in front of paying audience. Also, chances are you died in the process as the simple concept of infection was yet to be fully understood. The Butchering Art paints the bloody picture of the early days of modern surgery and leaps in understanding that helped saved lives.

The Knick is one of the best TV shows you likely haven’t seen and sees Clive Owen doing the butchering at New York’s Knickerbocker hospital.

When Friday, 2pm

Where Swan Ballroom



For fans of The Apprentice


If this event’s title (“STEPPING UP: HOW TO ACCELERATE YOUR LEADERSHIP POTENTIAL”) sounds like the kind of paperback read by Apprentice candidates – and not good ones, the ones that are fired in the first two weeks after trying to ‘implement’ a ‘strategy’ to sell caviar sandwiches on a market stall in Coventry – it's an event that features two very interesting people taking about one particularly interesting thing.

Sarah Wood, a woman who has got millions out of Murdoch through her incredibly-successful video ad-tech company, also lectures about LOLs and memes at Cambridge. She talks to the Beeb’s former chief political correspondent and Boris Johnson’s ex-comms director Guto Harri.

Whether your interest is in business, communication, or communicators this looks to be a particularly interesting meeting of minds. And maybe memes.

What Friday, 5pm

Where Swan Ballroom



For fans of GQ


If a picture tells a thousand words, a good one, on of the front of a mag can shift a thousand copies. Print may be dead, but magazine covers still carry a cultural capital up there with the Oscars.

Ben Arogunde looks at arguably this young century’s most famous face – or at least one subjected to as much portraiture, caricature and Shepard Fairey pop-art as any other in the last 17 years – Barack Obama. He also looks at the portrayal of his successor on front covers around the world, and talks about both with ex-GQ head honcho Dylan Jones.

When Saturday, 10am.

Where Swan Ballroom



For fans of Radio 2 talkshows


Jeremy Vine is the master of conversation. For four hours every afternoon he balances a nation of conflicting callers, prodding along the discussion with interjections like, “So, Derek you think the declining number of red squirrels - revealed today in an RSPCA study - is the result of a lack of British Values. Susan, what do you say to that?”

Here, he shares what he’s learnt from being on the other end of the phone with the good the bad and ugly of the British population for over a decade.

When Saturday, 1pm

Where The Auditorium



For fans of the Lions


On the field, Rob Andrew was the guy that taught Jonny Wilkinson to be Jonny Wilkinson.

Unfortunately, helping create England’s first rugby icon of the professional era proved to be an easier task that helping make the RFU similarly iconic in its role of nurturing and harnessing one of the biggest and richest talent pools in world rugby.

Andrew is a thinker. He is among the best people in sport to address both where rugby has come in the last 20 years, and, crucially, what the future holds for a game pumped up by money and dogged by the effects of the same brutality that makes it a spectacle.

When Sunday, 12.30pm

Where Swan Ballroom



For fans of the kind of standup that gets you a spot on 5Live ‘defending your jokes’


Following on from the success of this summer’s Hay Festival standup roster, Shazia Mirza brings her new show to the Winter Weekend.

One the comedians seemingly on speed-dial for any drivetime radio producer who needs an opinion on arranged marriage or Burkinis, she’s a hugely-successful stand-up who sells out shows without leaning on the kind of One-Showy, ‘So, what’s the deal with these new Toblerone’-material.

When Saturday, 8.30pm

Where The Auditorium


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