Hot Lists Thursday, July 14th

5 things at Nozstock 2016 to get excited about

Hot Lists Thursday, July 14th

5 things at Nozstock 2016 to get excited about

The countdown in is on for Noztock 2016.

The transformation from Bromyard farmland to the Hidden Valley is well underway, and while this year’s vintage comprises the usual assortment of quirk, drum and/or bass, there’s a world of things hidden away in that Valley.

Here’s five that we are looking forward to.

1. Jurassic 5

Apologies for obvious, but we’d be lying to y’all if we didn’t put headliners J5 slap-bang at the top of this list.

The storied LA hip-hop group have a history of switching on the mics and just letting summer rap classics roll out of them. And, specifically, the idea of the sundrenched Concrete Schoolyard pumping out into a warm Bromyard evening puts a big, fat smile on our faces - listen below.


2. Hot 8 Brass Band

Trust us,  you have never heard Marvin Gaye like this before*.


(*Unless you’ve seen Chef)

3. Knaive Theatre presents Dreamspeaker8f5673 063c28853a4a483f8d878cfa2e28afa5

There’s a point at every festival – usually after you’ve acclimated to the rhythm of festival life, and before you’ve finished that bottle of Captain Morgan’s – when you decide to embrace this little Eden and dance like no-one’s watching.

That might mean anything from getting painted up with glitter and taking a yoga class, or belatedly trying falafel for the first time. We’ve got Dreamspeaker circled in red pen as our escape of choice.

Billed as an interactive show that “creates playful havoc as participants are sent on ever more unusual quests involving other festival goers”, it sounds like a while lot of fun, and is being run by Alfie Boyd and Zoe Mills, the latter being an alum of Punchdrunk, the masters of the interactive show.

4. Channel One Soundsystem

The legendary soundsystem are bringing similarly-acclaimed custom-made speakers to Nozstock – just be ready to skank. These guys have taken over Red Bull culture clashes with their reggae/dub sound, and have been getting parties dancing since the 80’s.

Perfect pm/early-evening slot and these guys could steal the festival.

5. Henning Wehn

Drier than cat’s tongue, this German comedian – not a typo – is an unconventional star of the alternative comedy circuit, who can make reading a 5 Live phone number funny. Don’t go expecting ‘knock, knock’ jokes and you’ll love this guy.

Check out his special on Dave below.

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