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7 Wildest Moments From Nozstock Headliners The Happy Mondays

Hot Lists Tuesday, July 18th

7 Wildest Moments From Nozstock Headliners The Happy Mondays

The Happy Mondays have come a long way since the naughtiest of 90s.

“I’m a pescatarian now, f**cking hell” Shaun Ryder told Esquire last year. Even Bez, the band's official maraca-shaker and unofficial chemist - who now calls Herefordshire home - “only takes organic drugs”.

But with the reformed Monday’s set to play Nozstock in Bromyard this weekend, we thought we’d take a stumble down memory lane.

Here are seven of the Happy Mondays wildest moments, from a list compiled by the Steve Anglesey for the Mirror.

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In 1989 Shaun Ryder was arrested by police for cocaine possession. They asked Ryder if he wanted an advocate. He replied: "I don't want no poncy southern drinks".


Many years later the Monday's frontman became an unlikely fan favourite on ITV's I'm a Celebrity, making the final. He swore more than 5,000 times throughout filming - or the equivalent of 238 times a day, or once every four minutes he was awake.


While the Mondays were recording their fourth album Yes Please in Barbados (what could go wrong?), Factory Records' boss Tony Wilson became worried about rumours over the band's crack use.

He flew out to help, but as his plane was coming in to land he saw Ryder and Bez wheeling one of reggae legend Eddie Grant's sofas down the road to sell for drugs.


According to Ryder, the band’s first instruments were “stolen from schools”.



In 2010 Bez found himself in some legal trouble, and decided to represent himself. It did not go so well.

He told the judge: “I refuse to be found guilty. I will not recognise any sentence you give me,” before promptly being jailed for four weeks.

His response from the dock? "Bothered," and then, as he was led to the cells, "victory is in my grasp."


In 1990 the Happy Mondays released the party anthem and #5 single Step On. They were a band at the peak of their powers. However, when it came to recording a follow up, studio staff called Wilson worried. Apparently Ryder had sat speechless in the studio for three days wearing a balaclava. 

Wilson asked Ryder to take it off, and the next single out of the blocks was Kinky Afro, the band's biggest hit. 


Ryder is said to have walked out of meeting with record label EMI with a £1.7m contract sitting on the table, to "[go] for a KFC." It gets worse. In the Monday's KFC was code for heroin. The deal fell through.

Tickets are still available for Nozstock, which runs from Friday July 21 to Sunday July 23 with Seasick Steve, Krafty Kuts, the Sugarhill Gang and Ocean Wisdom among those on the bill alongside Ryder, Bez et al. Click here for the full line-up, and tickets.

Read the full Mirror article on the Happy Mondays here.

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