Hot Lists Wednesday, April 5th Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: Illustrations by Adam Knight/YouGov

A Skoda-driving, Telegraph-reading male Bake Off fan – the average Hereford-phile

Hot Lists Wednesday, April 5th

A Skoda-driving, Telegraph-reading male Bake Off fan – the average Hereford-phile

True to the region’s rock and roll profile, people who like Hereford are also more likely to list Saga as their favourite magazine, Barbra Streisand as their number one musician, and buy their pigeon pie in Waitrose.

Also, according to an illustration presumably knocked up by one of the Met’s top sketch artists, they likely look like this:


How do we know this?

In betweeen taking the nation's pulse on anything from Brexit to the colour of GB passport, survey site YouGov puts together profiles on anyone or anything that they mention in their many, many questionnaires.

The way they do this is by taking all those people who ‘like’ or show an interest in a certain subject or city and cross-ref with what else they like. They then create a portrait of your average Hereford-phile – from favourite TV shows to words they use to describe themselves.

To ensure you don’t end up with Mondeo-drivers-who-watch-Strictly for every city you search, YouGov also use an algorithm which determines those interests unique or unusually popular to an area, generating insight in to what makes, for example, a Herefordian Herefordian.


Make sense? Sort of? Let's put it like this: of the 3,163 people who 'liked' Hereford, 15.8 percent (500 people) also identified 'The 2003 Iraq War' as a niche interest. I wonder why.

Nationally more respondents probably named X Factor or Football as one of their interests (almost double ticked Rugby Union), but Hereford's Iraq War percentage was so much higher (on average only three percent clicked on it). Which is why it becomes Hereford’s defining ‘niche interest’.


Now, the funny stuff

Who are we?

Demographics – We are a man, just (52 percent of respondents). A late-middle-aged one at that, who likely works as an architect (+9.3 percent on the national average. Farming only came in third at +8.6 percent).

Oh, and politically we dress to the right. Way to the right.

Lifestyle – Think country gent. We like gardening and dogs and pigeon pie. When it comes to 'general interests' five out six people like ‘Animals and Nature’ (25 percent higher than national average) and we’re the ones keeping Radio 4 on the airwaves, with three quarters of us still passionate about the wireless.

For a profile that stacks up to this point as relatively insular, it is surprising that one in four Hereford 'likers' listed International News as an interest - 20 percent more than the rest of the UK. A fact that probably has similar roots to our Iraq War preoccupation.


We basically have the diet of Henry VIII.

Sports - we have an unusual passion for middle-distance running. It’s unusual in that anyone likes it. Nationwide only 0.8 percent and 1.1. percent of the country ticked the 800m and 1500m respectively – but for Herefordians those numbers spike, scoring 6.1 percent and 5.9 percent in the YouGov algorithm.

We are almost twice as likely to go to cinema (8.1 percent vs 4.1 percent). Presumably because 3G is so patchy, it’s really hard to get quality illegal streaming on your laptop.


In the Personality section YouGov tells us that people who like Hereford are far more likely to believe “the world would be a better place without smartphones”. Just great news for a mobile-first website about Herefordshire...

They would describe themselves as ‘charitable’ (8%) and independently-minded (7.3%), as well as ‘formidable’ (6.85)and ‘strong-willed’ (5.9%), the last two being another way to say ‘independently-minded’. We get it. We’re awkward.

When it comes to Shopping we love us some Waitrose - 9.5% simply could not do without their pine nuts. Skoda (6%) topped Volvo and BMW for our top car makes. We can only assume John Deer was not an option.


You may be getting the gist by now. We are basically your Dad.

One surprise, however, comes in the Celebrity section. And it’s a whopper. Edging out a shortlist of Dad’s Army and 80s comedy actors to become Hereford’s Most Hereford Favourite celebrity is one Donald J Trump. Almost four out of five respondents like him, 37.3% more than the national average. Not his first shock victory in the last 12 months to be fair to the man.

The other Entertainment categories are the survey equivalent to a comfy pair of slippers. After Barbara Streisand, we are notable Lulu-lovers, while Countryfile, Morse and Last of the Summer Wine occupy spots 3, 4 and 5 in the list of most uniquely Hereford-liked shows.


Our YouGov profile suggests the average Hereford dweller spends just one to five hours online (PER WEEK!). Weirdly a good proportion of that screen time is spent following Peter Andre (30%) and Strictly’s Craig Revel Horwood (22%) on Twitter. 

Maybe Mr Midsomer Murders and Pruning The Begonias has something he’s trying to tell us.

You can explore the YouGov stats yourself - just don't go over that five hour time limit, you crazy web addicts - at


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