Hot Lists Monday, December 11th

Ask A Canadian: How to #SnowDay like a pro

Hot Lists Monday, December 11th

Ask A Canadian: How to #SnowDay like a pro

So this was published back in December when we had that massive dump of snow - but it could come in handy over the next few days...


You might have heard. It snowed this week.

And while it’s always great fun to joke about how Britain shuts down at the merest dusting of the white stuff - and it is - this has been a pretty legitimate dump. Herefordshire’s had more than 15cm, schools have shut down for two days, and the county’s got around 15,000 people without power – including, tragically, my local pub.

At times like this we need to draw on the knowledge of those who know snow. And no-one knows snow quite like the Canadians (you may be familiar with the Meanwhile In Canada memes).


Which is why we got in touch with the one resident Canadian we know in Herefordshire to get her tips on how to #SnowDay like a pro.

When she’s not giving out advice on yellow snow, the super-talented Trish Henderson - aka Patzy Prints - creates bespoke designs to make your house look pretty and pretty cool at the same time. She also does wine bottles. Check out the full range on her Instagram here - and DM her for details on how to kick your Christmas gifting to the next level.

So, to the snow...SnowpicsBanner

1. How to clear your drive like a Canadian

Get a proper snow shovel (don’t use a spade) and shovel when it’s soft. Follow up your shovelling by scattering coarse salt – don’t let the snow turn to ice.

In terms of who does what, first one out the house better grab the shovel. Be a nice neighbour and do the pavement in front of your house, including your neighbours, and hopefully they’ll follow suit.

As for your car, turn the heat up to the max while you’re cleaning it off. And clean ALL of the snow including your roof. It’s dangerous for people behind once you pick up speed, and for yourself when you hit the brakes.

2. The best Snow Day films and hot drinks to cosy up with

Cool Runnings, Mighty Ducks, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or Home Alone 3. And to drink, hot chocolate, or warm apple cider.


3. Staying in vs going out

If the snow is packing snow (which it was yesterday) – get out there, make yourself a fort, and start prepping your snowball stock.

4. Snowball fight tactics

Never ask permission. Yesterday, walking to Sainsbury’s I was genuinely asked ‘fancy a snowball fight?’ [ed: this is so British] He should have just lobbed one at me, it’s all fair game.

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