Hot Lists Monday, February 13th Words by: Adam Knight, pictures by: Freepic, NounProject

Chilli fests and paintrunning: our top picks for a busy Bank Holiday

Hot Lists Monday, February 13th

Chilli fests and paintrunning: our top picks for a busy Bank Holiday

There was a time – about three-and–a-half years ago – when a solid Bank Holiday’s entertainment in Herefordshire could’ve consisted out of whittling stick men out Strongbow cans like Rusty in True Detective.

No more.

Whether you’re a foodie, a family, a raver, a runner, or a mod there’s something for you going on for you. Here are ten of the best (mosey on over to our What’s On section for full listings).




What: Big Love Festival - Baskerville Hall, Clyro.

When: Fri – Sun

The skinny:

Falling somewhere between the best boutique music fests of today, and the secret raves of the 90s, Big Love is the brainchild of a load of cool-as-hell Bristolians and takes over a stately home for the weekend. KRS-One, Horsemeat Disco, indoor swimming pools and woodland raves. Yup.



What: Eastnor Chilli Festival – Eastnor Castle

When: Sun

The skinny:

They’ve got a band called Los Squideros. They’ve got classes teaching you how to cook your jalapenos. But lets face it, you’re probably going to try a load of chilli and watch several hapless individuals grossly overestimate their capacity to tolerate spice in the famous chilli eating competition.



What: Hereford River Carnival – the river/throughout the city centre/Castle Green

When: Fri – Sat

The skinny:

Move over Rio. This is a two-day party, toasting our river-faring history - think varyingly sea-worthy floats, loads of family-friendly activities on dry land and music from the Nozstock organisers. And it’s all free.



What: Ross Beer Festival – Ross-on-Wye Rowing Club

When: Sat - Sun

The skinny:

That’s right, there is now more than one rowing club-based beer fest in the county and Ross’ May Day offering is coming in bigger and boozier than ever. Expect live bands to go with your beers.



What: The Greatest Adventure: Love in the Time of Tinder – The Globe, Hay-on-Wye

When: Sat – Sun

The skinny:

If Hay festival is the self-proclaimed ‘Woodstock of the mind’, consider this a Ted talk for your undergarments (and your mind). The first in a series of themed weekends being run by the Globe/ the Institute of Arts and Ideas, this is a series of talks, workshops and debates on that greatest of topics: love, specifically, love in the modern age. Featuring everyone from world-renowned neuroscientists to the people who come up with algorithms to pair people up for dating sites like eHarmony.



What: DJ set from This Is England’s Thomas Turgoose – The Venue, Hereford

When: Sun

The skinny:

Shane Meadows’ cult movie/TV series nailed skinhead fashion and music, and apparently it rubbed off on its star Thomas Turgoose who now plays DJ sets across the country. He’s doing one at The Venue on Sunday.


Paintrunner creditVickiBurtonFlickr

What: The Marvellous Malvern Multicolour Fun Run - Malvern

When: Sat

The skinny:

Not strictly in Herefordshire, but it’s spitting distance if you live in the south of the county. And if you do, and feel like spicing up your morning run, why not grab a few mates and have people launch powdered paint at you as you jog? Because we all know those people who say they really enjoy ‘just running’ are lying.


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What:Secret Dumpling Club’s Vegan Night @ The Rocket Café, Hereford

When: Sat

The skinny:

Restaurants pop-up now. That’s what they do.  Soon they will emerge and disappear within minutes,  their sole trace being the moustachio’d hipster out front with a pulled pork empanada and the look of smug indifference. That said, this one’s good. Very good. The monthly Secret Dumpling Club usually sells out within the first few days, but try and grab a ticket to try for some meat-free miso.



What: Dubs At The Farm - Brimfield

When: Fri – Sun

The skinny:

You can keep your Murcialagos, VW busses are still the coolest cars around. If you have one, or like them, swing by this VW-themed festival with cars shows and live music. And Beetles.


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What: Lionstock – The Lion, Leintwardine

When: Sat - Sun

The skinny:

All festivals don’t have to be the size of a small city and have Coldplay on the bill. Lionstock is a great example of how a great local pub can plan a good old knees-up and stick ‘–stock’ on the end of its event in the name of a great time. Always fun, and suitably raucous on occasion. (See also: Cider, Beer & Music Festival @ The Crown Woolhope, Fri – Sun)

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