Hot Lists Sunday, October 2nd Words by: Adam Knight

First time at Hereford Racecourse? Here's a Bluffer's Guide to laying your first bet

Hot Lists Sunday, October 2nd

First time at Hereford Racecourse? Here's a Bluffer's Guide to laying your first bet

Fancy a flutter at the reopening of Hereford Racecourse on the weekend, but don’t know your totes from your trainers?

Have a quick look through this Bluffer’s Guide courtesy of ARC racing, and come Thursday you’ll be laying bets like you’re John McCririck. Or at least impress mates with your knowledge of on the importance of a racehorse’s ribcage.


This week marks the return of jump racing to Hereford, after it closed its doors in 2012.

Opened in 1771, the course was modernised in the 60s. More than a few years later, Hereford Racecourse was the setting for a fresh-faced local lad by the name of Richard Johnson to ride his first winner on Rusty Bridge. Last year Johnson was named Champion Jockey, having ridden an incredible 235 winners over the racing season – and his maiden winner has now given its name to the restaurant at Hereford.

To stay up on all the fixtures at Hereford this year, and for info on how to get a ticket, head to the Hereford Racecourse site here.


1. Pick a winner 


2. Place your bet


3. Make it rain


Need help with the lingo?

  • At the post - When all the horses have arrived at the start before a race, they are said to be ‘at the post’.
  • Banker - The horse expected to win, usually a short priced favourite. The strongest selection in a multiple selection.
  • Cockle - The tic-tac bookmaking term for 10-1.

  • Each-way - A bet where half the total stake is for the horse to win and half is for the horse to be placed (come second or third).
  • National Hunt - R

    acing over fences and hurdles; officially referred to as jump racing.

  • Odds-against - the term used in b

    etting odds where the potential winnings are higher than the stake. The numerator is larger than the denominator (eg 2-1).

For more, head to the jargon buster.

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