Hot Lists Wednesday, February 1st Words by: Adam Knight

Forget lobster and violins, check out these 12 quirky Valentine's Day date ideas around Herefordshire

Hot Lists Wednesday, February 1st

Forget lobster and violins, check out these 12 quirky Valentine's Day date ideas around Herefordshire

We're not saying there's anything wrong with petrol station flowers. In fact, if you get there early enough on Tuesday morning, Tesco Express is said to have quite the selection. However there is something to be said for expressing one's feelings for their signficant other through something more than a box of Milk Tray, some wilting tulips and night in watching Gogglebox. 

Now the problem is that a) trying to find something sweepingly romantic to do in Herefordshire on Tuesday is still not as easy as it sounds (no one is yet to mistake Leominster for Venice) and b) the overpriced steak nights that have somehow come to represent the Valentine's Day circus are often, at best, forgettable.

So this leaves you with two options. Either you come up with a unique and personal idea that touches the very soul of your loved one in the next two days, or you scroll down this list a pick out something that you might actually remember in five years' time. Or you sell your car and buy them the biggest, shiniest ring/watch you can find. That'd probably do the job as well.



What: Dirty Dancing (or the latest 50 Shades…) at the cinema.

Why: Sitting in the back row and not watching the movie.

It’s better than: Netflix and chill.

What’s more Valentine’s Day than a little Swayze? Well, depending on your relationship, maybe a little Christian Grey. You can even sneak some wine in if you wear a big enough jacket. Just no popcorn tricks, okay?

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What: Left field AirBnb sleepover.

Why: It’s always better on holiday.

It’s better than: A continental breakfast at a Premier Inn

Take your pick – there are romantic, winter-proofed yurts with DVD players, a cosy shepherd’s hut complete with a woodburner or even, just across the border, a renovated french school bus in a fruit orchard.  Who said dirty weekends had to be on the weekend?



What: Drink and draw at a life drawing class.

Why: Get the nudity started early.

It’s better than: Spending your Valentine's Day as a life drawing model. 

It worked for Leo in Titanic. This weekly class is having a Valentine’s Day-themed drink and draw session upstairs in the well-heated, and fully-licensed, Koffie Pot café. Should break the ice even if you haven’t picked up a pencil since primary school.

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What: Limber up at a yoga class.

Why: You wouldn’t want to pull something.

It’s better than: Having your unaligned chakras leading to a row over dinner.

Whether you’re a Zen Master, or can’t touch your toes, yoga classes are most fun if you’ve got a partner in crime with you, and the practice has long been linked to having benefits that extend far beyond the studio (ifyouknowwhatImsaying). On Tuesday there’s a class in a studio in the courtyard behind Hereford’s Café Miro, or alternatively you could arrange a more intimate class at home with just you and your partner – but you’ll have to book up ASAP for either though as places go quick.

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What: Get on a bicycle made for two.

Why: Because sometimes it’s fun to be a little bit cheesy.

It’s better than: Canoeing in mid-February.

Get outside, get some rosy in your cheeks and then enjoy well-deserved a drink out on the riverside decking of AA Gill’s favourite bolt-hole. The River Café does tandem hire, guided rides, knockout food and even beds if you’re too tired to move after all that.

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What: Beers, burgers and bant- no sorry. Beers, burgers and bad jokes.

Why: Because how much do you really know about someone until you’ve seen them eat a double-decked burger.

It’s better than: Having to put on a suit to go for dinner on a Tuesday.

If you’re not much of a lobster-and-violins kind of couple, this could be just the kind of low-key V Day you’re looking for. The Beefy Boys – like you don’t know – are all about neon signs, great Spotify playlists, an open kitchen and the kind of legendary cheeseburgers that smack you around the face and get you feeling good and dirty. The bar also have a run of cocktails that will have you feeling warm and fuzzy with or without your perfect partner.



What: A supper club out in the wilderness.

Why: Because there’s going out to eat and there’s going out to eat.

It’s better than: That £25 sirloin you had last year. 

When the chef cooking the food was on first-name terms with the animal a few months ago, you’re probably on to a winner. Sitting at long supper club-style tables (no awkward V Day silences), and set in a converted farmhouse at the foot of the Black Mountains, the whole thing’s pretty damn idyllic. One catch – it’s only on Saturday, if you can wait.

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What: Tour of the best vodka distillery in the world.

Why: The free tasters.

It’s better than: Doing a tour sober.

Every day’s a school day. But at this one you get a few shots of Marmalade vodka. Take a look around the distillery where they make all of the Chase vodka, gins, and soon-to-be whiskies, all just a cheap cab from Hereford. More info.



What: Head in the clouds hill walk, farmhouse food, stargazing.

Why: You’ll feel like you’re in Lord of the Rings.

It’s better than: The view out of Miller & Carter.

The Cat’s Back is a towering horseshoe of Black Mountain which rises up in to cloud and takes about three hours to walk around without ever really feeling that strenuous. Perfect for views, conversation, and seeing wild horses in equal measures. Head down the hill and straight to 17th century farmhouse-come-(very nice)gastro pub The Bridge Inn, which also has rooms if you want to stick around for the world-famous night skies you get in this area. Bring a blanket, lie out, and pretend you know what constellations you’re looking at.



What: Get drunk, act classy, call it ‘tasting’.

Why: Drink to remember, drink to forget, drink till they look like their profile pic.

Better than: Sticking to Jack and Cokes all night. The destination may be similar, the journey’s a whole lot more scenic.

Depending whether, as a couple, you lean more towards the hop or the vine, there are two boozy options available to you in Hereford. For beers, check out cool/cosy taphouse Beer in Hand, which has more craft brews than even the hippest hipster could handle. And board games. For wine, the very continental Noble and Wild, sell vino by the bottle, glass or mouthful (seriously) and are more than happy to advise what it is that is getting you giggly. They’ve also got cheese, charcuterie and tartines if you don’t fancy a liquid dinner.

Noble and Wild.

Beer in Hand.



What: A little pampering and a posh lunch.

Why: Because you deserve to sparkle.

It’s better than: Getting baby oil over your bed at home.

You can either book in to one of the spa-type places (Wye Leisure in Fownhope has a great outdoor spa pool, rural settings and whole menu of treatments), or grab massages at Neal’s Yard Remedies, the world famous Covent Garden 'natural beauty' and nice-smelling-things business that also does unbelieveable massage treatments. From there, you can cross the road and get your lunch cooked for you by Great British Menu chef Andy Beaumont at the tres cool Cellar Door.

Neal's Yard therapies.

Cellar Door.

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